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Hunting Does Not Kill

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Hunting Does Not Kill

Contrary to what animal activists think, hunting is beneficial to everyone and everything involved: the hunters, the animals hunted, and the environment. People who are against hunting seem to believe that it is morally wrong to kill another living creature. You can love animals and still be pro-hunting; I am one of those people. Even though I love animals, I can still see myself pulling the trigger, drawing a bow, and taking down a wild animal. You merely have to think rationally and understand the benefits of hunting. What exactly is wrong with hunting? How exactly is it inhumane? This is simply what our ancestors did to survive. The Native Americans had a great amount of respect for nature - more so than we do today - yet they still hunted. Hunting has many benefits, such as: prevention of overpopulation, property damage, dangerous human - wildlife encounters, protection to species and the environment, and - believe it or not - hunting can prevent animal extinction.

People seem to confuse "hunting" and "poaching" as the same sport. This is very far from an accurate statement. Poaching is the act of illegally killing an animal to make use of something, for example, bucks' antlers, strictly for monetary value and the poacher's own personal gain. Poaching is not regulated, and poachers are the people who do not care about the animals or the environment. There are seasons for hunting, limits to the number of animals you may hunt and gender of said animal; you can only hunt in the state you have a permit in. Hunters make use of the animal as a whole, similar to the way our ancestors did. The meat is consumed, the hide is made into something useful, and nothing goes to waste. Poachers are the robbers to Mother Nature. They just steal whatever they want without caring about the consequences. If you must be completely against something, protest poaching, not hunting.

In more rural areas, overpopulation can be a problem, and this leads to property damage. If the population of an animal is too large, not only can it cause problems for us, but for their own survival, as well. Overpopulation can lead to parasitism, such as mange and diseases, like rabies and distemper. In overpopulated areas, these types of things spread rapidly throughout the pack, causing large numbers at a time to die of, in extreme cases, this could cause extinction. Not only are these types of things bad for them, but it is bad for us and our pets, such as your cats and dogs. If your pet were to get one of these things due to too close encounters, they could die and if that did not kill them, you may need to consider euthanizing them. Is this something you want to happen, all because of something that could be avoided? When it comes to saving the animal from extinction, hunting is valuable for obvious reasons in this case. Hunt the diseased ones. However,



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