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I Am David Case

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David was climbing the steps of the plane, but gave Sophie one last, grateful glance before boarding. She blew him a kiss goodbye, knowing that this special little boy was going to get exactly what he deserved.

As David sat down in his seat, he began to think of his friend, Yohan, and how he sacrificed his life for a boy like him. The details began flashing through David's mind: him taking the soap out of his pocket, and Yohan snatching it right from his hand. David next thought of the gun that haunted his nightmares, "Bang!". It all sounded so real. David couldn't handle the memories any longer and opened his eyes. The man sitting next to him looked scared senseless, along with just about every other passenger on the plane. Confused at first, David realized that the loud bang wasn't just his imagination, but something was wrong with the plane's engine!

David took a look out of his window. The smoke was so dense that he could hardly even see the ground. A flight attendant attempted to walk out into the aisle, but the plane's turbulence was so rough that she had to crawl her way out. She attempted to explain the situation in her calmest voice, but that proved fairly hard to do in a faulty plane that is sixty-thousand feet up in the sky. The attendant informed everyone that one of the plane's engines was having a problem and that they would have t land immediately.

The plane began to shakily descend under the pilot's secure control. David looked out the window and saw something that made his heart lunge and his blood run cold. Though he had never seen one from such great heights, David knew that their landing strip was located on a camp, not too different from the one he grew up on.

Fear struck David as three things happened on that plane that he would never forget. The first was a woman's blood curdling scream coming from the back of the plane. David looked back three rows. The woman's face was frozen with terror as two guards approached her with chains in their weathered hands. They grabbed the woman by her frail arms and constrained her with the chains. The second thing that David never forgot was the moment that he realized that the guards weren't just after the woman. They planned on chaining up every person on the plane! Guards started coming out of nowhere. From the front of the plane, the back of the plane and some were even disguised as passengers!

The guards warned that any passenger who tried to rebel would be chained up like the woman in the back of the plane. David sat in his chair, realizing that all of it was a trick. The faulty engine, Sophie's kindness and love; none of it was real. The smoking engine had simply been used to catch the passengers, or now prisoners, off guard. And Sophie? David could only come to one conclusion: that Sophie was in cahoots with the guards and planned to turn him in from day one.




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