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I Have Always Thought

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"I have always thought about this,i thought about it,i think about,i ponder upon it,i reflect upon it,and what more can i say or do?of course,i was better off before than now.i got it right then,i did it right then,i was right then,just how i got to be where i am now i don't know.Here,is horrible,it is shameful,'tis a place of disdain,disgrace,a no-do well condition.I wish i knew the strenght of my Will earlier than now.Then would i have been more cautious dealing with him.but i,of course thought him to be a good friend,leading me in ways that were appealing.Now my will is subdued,not by any external self,but allowed so by mine own self will".

This verse connotes such voice as one lamenting,or rather in regret.Regret for what?Regret for allowing oneself be fooled and led astray.

When that man Jesus Christ was teaching his disciples how to pray,i guess he was very mindful of the ways of deceit and how often people could be misled.Because even the Old Testament Fathers did not forget this,and so were cautious of it too,hence they say:"my son,if sinners entice you,do not consent.If they say come with us,let us lie in wait for blood,let us wantonly ambush the innocent,my son do not walk in the way with them,hold back your foot from their paths"(proverbs 1:10-15)And so Jesus did not forget to teach this to his followers even while in the NEW Testament time.This is to show that the foolery of the Old Testament time was very much active and so had to be treated as such with so great a caution in the New Testament time.Just a question!why would one feel he can do all things with the power of his will just alone,forgetting that St.Paul sought the Lord thre times and He told him"My grace is enough for you"(2 cor 12:8-9)A true thing,God has endowed ud with a will,that is,a kind of freedom,because he desires not in us being slaves of sin,rather he is a God of mercy and love.We forget often times that God gave us our will in order that we act along with his own will,which surpasses all powers.In the tenth station of the Way of the Cross,Jesus speaks of himself as"...the poorest king that ever lived.Before my own creatures i stand stripped,..but i know my will is my will".And so because he knows his will is submitted to the Father's,possessing nothing he owns all.And by one man's submission,a whole world came to be saved.take it or commit it to flames,we all are enjoying the joy of this sacrificial submission.Or to think in a retrospective way,do i abide in the confine of this sacrificial submission?



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