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Thought Paper: Superbowl Commercials

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Essay Preview: Thought Paper: Superbowl Commercials

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Thought Paper; Super Bowl Commercial

TVR 17 TR3

Any commercial that is lucky enough to receive the opportunity to air in a time slot during the Super Bowl should make sure that its content is clear, concise and entertaining. In my opinion, one of the most entertaining and well organized commercials shown during Super Bowl XLIV (44) was the "Green Cops and Audi" commercial. It took the current issues of environmental pollution , energy conservation and the trend of "going green" to create an advertisement that endorses the greenest car for 2010.

These issues were cleverly used in conjunction with Audi to create a positive image for its new clean diesel A3 TDI car. From the beginning of the commercial, I think viewers are caught off guard by the fact that regular people are being arrested by the "Green Police" for actions that would be seen as normal such as putting groceries in a plastic bag at the supermarket, using an incandescent bulb or even a Styrofoam cup to drink your coffee. The most compelling part which I thought brought everything into perspective was the Eco- Roadblock where the driver with the "green" Audi vehicle was allowed to pass without any hassle while the others, driving less eco-friendly cars and trucks, were penalized. The A3 TDI is actually a good buy because with its 2.0 liter engine you can get 42 miles to the gallon on the highway with reduced CO2 emissions and a strict 50 state emissions certification. Audi's public image is obviously given a positive boost with this form of advertisement which will probably help them sell even more A3 TDI's. It also puts the fictional "Green Police" in the spotlight and increases the public's awareness about them and their cause.

I believe that the "Green Police Audi" commercial really was informative as well as amusing. I think that people indirectly learn through humor that it is a crime to the environment when we do not try to take steps to conserve and protect it.



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