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Ida B. Wells - Book Review

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Essay Preview: Ida B. Wells - Book Review

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Ida B. Wells Book Review

In the inspiring book about the autobiography of Ida B. Wells shows an African American woman struggles to accomplish greatness. In Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells published by The University of Chicago Press shows that Ida B. Wells reflections provide a critical review of American racial and sexual relations. She didn't simply observe the American Scene; she altered it as a leader in the women's movement and the African American Civil Rights movement.

While reading Crusade for Justice I learned a lot about what was happening in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Right at the beginning I learned that African Americans where not citizens of the individual states. "Negroes were not wards of the nation but citizens of the individual states, and should therefore appeal to the state courts for justice instead of the federal court" (Wells, 20) Not only was this a book an autobiography but is fast past and fun book to read. It seem that this book was going to take up sometime with it being 400 pages but once started I couldn't put it down and fished it in about a week and a half.

The University of Chicago Press Books has different reviews from a different people. The first review was from William M. Tuttle, Jr. Journal of America History he says "No Student of black history should overlook Crusade for Justice"(Tuttle) I agree with Mr. Tuttle but I also believe no one should overlook this book because there is so much information that should be known. This is why I agree with Elizabeth Kolmer because she said "Besides being the story of an incredibly courageous and outspoken black woman in the face of innumerable odd, the book is a valuable contribution to the social history of the United states and to the literature of the women's movement as well"(Kolmer) Kolmer believes that this book is not just for African Americans but for woman and anyone that wants to learn their history literature. There are other great reviews in The University of Chicago Press Books but Tuttle and Kolmer stood out the most to me.

While looking for reviews I notice that there are no negative ones. It's always three or four stars out of four stars nothing less. The first review is Staci Wigton. She believes that Ida B. Wells is an African American hero because she is just as courageous as Fredrick Douglas and Du Boia but a woman. Wells did a lot for African Americans to have some sort of justice in a time of Jim Crow laws and dangerous mob violence in the United States. "She should be remembered as a crucial black woman that helped in the racially uplift movement alongside Du Bois." (Amazon) Megan Henderson-Redding gave Crusade for Justice four stars. She says that this book is a testament to one-woman's determination to bring light to the horrendous policy of lynching African American's



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