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If Happiness Is Truly Living one's Life to the Fullest, Then Money Cannot Buy Happiness

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Essay Preview: If Happiness Is Truly Living one's Life to the Fullest, Then Money Cannot Buy Happiness

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The idea of money buying happiness is interesting.Yes most people feel like they do need more money than ever to be happy,but what is that "happiness" they are speaking of?If that idea means owning newer appliances than before,then money can buy you happiness.If that idea is going out to eat dinner more often,then money can buy you happiness.But,if happiness is truly living one's life to the fullest,then money cannot buy happiness.

Money cannot buy happiness.Happiness from money is very short lived.

1.For being happy people should be loved by the others,which you cannot buy by money.

2.You should have family,which you cannot buy by money.

3.By money you can't buy friends who always will be with you.

Money can make your life easier.

1.With money people have a greather purchasing power.

2.For many people money can brig comfort,security and so on.

3.With money one can buy whatever he enjoys.

Money is essential to life and we cannot do without money.But even though money is necessary to life,it can't buy happiness.Happiness is not something that can be measured by money.It is a state of mind.One can have plenty of money,with which he can buy whatever he wants,and at the same time he is not happy because he is never satisfied or he is troubled by various kinds of problems.Therefore,although money is necessary for a happy life,it can't buy happiness.

The Internet


The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks. The Internet is named after the Internet Protocol, the standard communications protocol used by every computer on the Internet. The Internet can powerfully leverage your ability to find, manage, and share information. Never before in human history has such a valuable resource been available to so many people at such little cost. The internet has become a cultural, economical and life changing technological phenomenon. Enough can not be said about this incredible technology. However, the internet is not one single invention; it is a simple idea that has evolved throughout the decades into something bigger than us all. While the internet was started fairly recently, today we are still at the tip of the iceberg of what this technology in all its many forms can help us achieve. So in essence the internet has already and will continue to revolutionize the world. Even as its beginnings were humble, no one could have predicted its amazing growth through the last several decades. The internet has brought us so much information and not only to the social and business elite, but to the entire world. Looking back, the essential idea of the internet is extremely basic, however with several innovations, the internet has grown and evolved to where it is currently at today.

Typically the 20th century was defined by communications that went from one major source to thousands or millions of people at a time. This type of communications was characterized by television and radio broadcasters which sent out communications signals to TV sets and radios around the country and world. While the telephone evolved and became ubiquitous in the world as a way for an individual to reach out and talk with a specific person, this type of communications usually involved mostly two people, or a handful of people at most if you were on a conference call. However, with the advent of the internet,a new type of communications technology would be available, where not only can two people communicate simultaneously, but thousands, millions and yes even billions of people at the same time.

Again, the old style of communication technologies not only limited who was able to send a message (think about the big 3 TV networks of the 20th century), but this technology didn't allow others to offer their opinion or collaborate. This is just many of the reasons that the internet has grown so far, so fast. The internet is able to have an impact on our entire society whether it is in education, our social circles, military, business, etc. While most may think the history of the internet started in the early 90′s or even the 80′s, the idea of the internet started much earlier- back to the 1950′s.

Back in the early 1970s the US Department of Defense was concerned about the vulnerability of its computer network to nuclear attack. The Pentagon did not want to lose communication ability. Defense computer experts decentralized the whole system by creating an interconnected web of computer networks. Information was bundled in a pocket, called an Internet Protocol packet, which contained the destination address of the target computer. The computers themselves figured out how to send the packet. If one portion of the network happened to be disabled, the rest of the network could still function normally. The system that the Pentagon eventually developed was called the Arpanet.

Companies developed software that allowed computers to be linked to local area networks. Many of these Local Area Networks were connected to Arpanet. Most observers thought it would continue to be of interest only to high-tech types. In the late 1980, however, the National Science Foundation,



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