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If You Could Visit Any Place in the World

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Essay Preview: If You Could Visit Any Place in the World

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If I could choose one place in the world where would it be and why? One place in the world that I would visit would be Africa because this is where majority of my ancestors were in heritage at. Another reason why I would visit Africa is because of the charity. I would also visit Africa because I would love to explore the different types of animals and protect them.

In Africa I would research my ancestors and learn about what they had and what their in heritage was. I know that my ancestors are people that are united to strict tides and they were dedicated to them this is still happening today as well. I understand that it is important to learn about my ancestors and how they went about in slavery. I would also trace to see if my ancestors were involved in the civil war and what did they accomplish after the civil war. I know that I'm an African American and it's interesting to learn more about what country my families were from and how did they survival. I have seen Africa landscape I'm very interested in Cairo visiting site it's very beautiful there my ancestors has mention this.

I understand that Charity is very poor in Africa and I would love to provide for them. I could give a tremendous donation to support the children and family. Diseases are very popular in Africa and there isn't enough medicine for them I could help by providing the medicine for them. I would start a fund raiser to support charity. Africa is the most places that where they use water where need and water that is not needed to be defiantly stopping this it would save more water and give more to the needed.

Exploring the different types of animals in Africa and the wild life they live in are very unique. It's important to help the animals and give them a wonderful shelter. I love the idea of going on a safari and seeing Africa wildlife and the animals. I would love to see the lions and see their main interest and pet them. There are plenty monkeys in Africa such as baboons, langurs and macaques they are all monkeys with different names and different habits. I would love to provide for them and nurse them.

These are the main three reasons why I would love to visit Africa because I would have extra research on my ancestor. I could make millions of ways to support charity in Africa. I understand there are several amazing animals that are in Africa that would need nursing.



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