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Essay Preview: Imagination

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imgntn is the key that can open doors to mind progress.

Each person has a different way of seeing things.

It is this uniqueness of thinking when coupled with thinking beyond boundaries of what is possible and what is not,

that an idea so novel can come that can be the big idea for what comes later.

No idea should be thrown away by the property of being too unrealistic or unconceivable.

imgntn is not only difficult to define, but is difficult to put a limit to its meaning by characteristic of a few words.

What is a circle to one person, may represent a ball to a child, a burger to a foodie, an ornament to a fashionista.

It is really upto each individual how he takes the stimulus from the environment and decides to decipher it according to his own understanding of the world around him.

For example, this article may be of no use to some one but may be of help to some one else.

This is also dependent on how one sees and perceives the information here to his or her own use.

Many people have said wonderful quotes about imgntn and how it lends power to an individual. Seeing the world with a unique perspective of our own has different connotations for different people.

Every issue can have people who favour that issue or who are against that issue. Their perception of that issue also has a strong resemblance of how they perceive the world around them, how they imagine things to be right and wrong and hence their different perspectives.



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