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Immigration in the 1900's

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Immigration in the 1900's

Immigration in the 19th Century was not only different from the previous wave of immigration to America, but it caused the United States to act, leading to new policies for immigration.

The main causes for immigration to America include religious freedom and economic opportunity. Back in the colonial era, expansion to America was mainly for religious freedom from Europe, versus the late 19th Century, when immigrants came to America to find jobs. These new immigrants most likely came after hearing about the expansion of industry happening in the U.S. Now this wave of new workers caused quite a stir in 19th century U.S. because it took many jobs from the current habitants and cause overcrowding in many cities. This also helped spread many diseases due to the close living. Overall, this rush of immigrants from all over in the 19th century, caused many economic and social changes to the United States.

With all of this change, the U.S. government had to take action. In 1882, the Supreme Court passed the Chinese exclusion act. Legislators felt the need to pass this act due to all the jobs that were being taken from the Americans and given to the immigrants. Employers hired many immigrants due to the cheap labor. The Chinese exclusion act prevented the flow of Asian workers to America. This act was also renewed in 1892 and again in 1902, for many Chinese immigrants would illegally find their way into America even after the act was passed.



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