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A Modest Proposal to Illegal Immigrants

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Essay Preview: A Modest Proposal to Illegal Immigrants

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A Modest Proposal to Illegal Immigrants

There are over 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States roaming around the streets like American citizens. They take advantage of American laws, services and supplies while not providing anything valuable in return. All they do is take jobs from good, hardworking American citizens and bring crime and diseases to these pristine communities. All of them are like parasites; they reproduce like mice and over-utilize government programs that allow them to avoid taxes and receive government funded medical care, education for their innumerable offspring, and even apartments, cars, and televisions. They destroy the fabric of beautiful communities by forming violent gangs to rule the people within it. Illegal immigrants are an unwanted burden on the legitimate citizens of the United States.

I have interviewed some of my neighbors that have been drastically affected by illegal immigrants. Many agree that illegal immigrants only come from their country to the United States to traffic drugs from their country and to take over the Caucasian race. Luis Lopez and his wife proclaimed, "Illegal immigrants are just a burden to our life and communities, as you can see our neighborhoods are full of crime since those "cholos" have arrived". Most of the houses in their neighborhood have been vandalized by suspected immigrant gangs who have

infiltrated throughout the USA and have terrorized thousands of citizens and neighborhoods.

National surveys show that a majority of American Citizens wish that the illegal immigrants would simply go back to their own country. These same surveys show that almost all American Citizens are themselves the descendants of immigrants, many of whom slipped into this country illegally. Everyone surveyed wanted to take back the jobs that the illegal immigrants had stolen from them. According to the survey, 33% of people would like to pick fruit, flowers or tobacco in pesticide filled fields; another 25% would work cleaning houses, offices, and schools; 19% would work in the construction industry with no safety regulations; 13% would slave in the meat-packing and chicken slaughterhouses; and the remaining 10% of American Citizens were evenly divided between working in childcare, restaurants, driving taxis, painting, or landscaping. In addition, fully 100% of the American Citizens surveyed stated they would want to work these jobs 18 hours a day, 6 days per week for minimum wage and no health benefits or bathroom breaks.

Before good, God-faring Americans can reclaim their jobs, those blood-sucking immigrants have to be stopped. Having occupied most of my time researching and learning about the disaster that comes with illegal immigrants I have thought of a great solution that will not only decrease the amount of illegal immigration but stop it. Taking a page out of the anti-immigrant



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