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Indian Americans in New York Gave Narendra Modi a Rock Star Welcome and with 20,000 Strong Audience in Madison the Stage Was Set for Modi to Deliver Big.

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Essay Preview: Indian Americans in New York Gave Narendra Modi a Rock Star Welcome and with 20,000 Strong Audience in Madison the Stage Was Set for Modi to Deliver Big.

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Indian Americans in New York gave Narendra Modi a rock star welcome and with 20,000 strong audience in Madison the stage was set for Modi to deliver big.

As Modi arrived at the venue there was a huge roar and people started chanting Modi’s name. Modi had not only won hearts of millions of people in India but this kind of exuberance and excitement clearly tells us that he did not fail to capture the imaginations of the Indian community even in  America. Modi began his speech ignoring all the dignitaries, most of them congressmen. He began his speech in a typical Modi manner by saying ‘bharat mata ki jai’. Modi did not fail to address the Hindu audience by greeting them on the occasion of navratri.

Even though Modi was speaking from Madison but he was aware that entire India is keenly observing what is speaks.

Modi emphasized on the importance of Indian Americans  and their contribution towards changing the people’s opinion about India from being the land of snake charmers to a land where people operate from mouse focusing on their skills that has dazzled the world.

Modi also very skillfully mentioned about the enormous victory he enjoyed and thanked the Indian communities for their support. He keeping in mind the viewers across the globe spoke about the huge victory his party witnessed and emphasized that after 30 years a government with clear majority has been voted into power. With  such a mandate comes greater responsibility, Modi mentioned that he did not even take a break of 15 minutes after coming into power letting people know that he is serious about peoples expectation.

Modi next highlighted the fact that India is youthful nation and has the power of 3 D in India. ‘Democracy’ – highlighting this as the biggest strength of India.
Demographic dividend’ - 65% of people less than the age of 35 years
Demand’ - The World is looking at India. With these statements Modi was addressing the world by projecting India as one of the largest consumer of the world and a country with the largest human resource.

Modi next emphasized on the agenda of development which has been his agenda during his term as a chief minister of Gujrat and even during his election campaigns. He talked about making development a mass movement comparing with Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom struggle mass movement. Comparing his development agenda with that of Gandhi’s freedom movement struck the right chords for the people listening in India. He focused a lot on telling the world that people of India are his true strengths again addressing the crowd back home.

Modi now mentioned the success of India’s mars mission telling the world that India has the potential and resources to achieve what the world can in the most economical manner.

Modi highlighted the importance of skill development and focused on his government’s effort to make skill development a priority.

Modi next addressed the world to make in India by highlighting a few advantages India has in terms of labor, land, human resource, technology etc. Modi wants to make India a manufacturing hub hence telling the world about India’s strength in terms of manufacturing.



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