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Indication Cervico-Brachial Neuralgia Territory

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Essay Preview: Indication Cervico-Brachial Neuralgia Territory

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cervico-brachial neuralgia territory C6 resistant to analgesic treatment.

suspected tuberculosis


helix after cervical injection of 100 ml Xenetix 350

DLP 764


* absence of carotid-jugular adenomegalie and spinal.

* submandibular lymph few infracentimetriques.

* no significant narrowing of the cervical canal.

* foraminal narrowing C5-C6 possibly conflicting with the right C6 root at this level.

* C6-C7 disc disease with osteophyte Debord disco postero-median and left foraminalEtne may conflict with the left C7 root.

* C7-T1 disc disease without disco-radicular conflict visible.

* Absence of uncarthrose or facet arthrosis.

* No abnormality of the soft parts including avoidance of paravertebral zone.

* no bone lesion suspicious.


C6-C7 disc disease with foraminal osteophyte Debord disco-left can be confrontationalwith the left C7 root.

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