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Individual Leadership Strengths - Free Spirit and Networking

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Essay Preview: Individual Leadership Strengths - Free Spirit and Networking

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The two strengths that I scored the highest on was Free Spirit and Networking, which actually makes plenty of sense considering I separated from the military to pursue my acting career. Those two strengths have played a huge role in me establishing my acting career. I changed my perspective before I got out because I was craving the freedom (Free Spirit). I need to be genuinely happy with the life that I was living and at the time I wasn’t. When the free spirit in me kicked in, it was pretty easy not only dream, but to chase it. I moved from Texas to Atlanta all in the name of un-caging my spirit. Once I got there, it was important that I network, because the industry is about who you know. I wasn’t very good at networking until I got to Atlanta. It was a necessary to become versed in it. I used both these strengths every time a fellow actor approaches me about them possibly moving to Atlanta to pursue acting. I use my experience to enlighten them. If they want to take my advice, I’m good; if not, I’m still good. I just want to be a guy who is able to act and if I can encourage someone to fight through the fear and dream chase, then I’m happy with that.

Emotional support is an area I think I need to develop more. I pretty shocked that I scored so low because even though I think mostly with my head, when it comes to managing people or even a leader, I wear my heart on sleeves. I try to empathize with people if and when I can so it’s pretty disheartening to see that maybe I don’t empathize as much as I think I do. I also feel like today’s society is lacking empathy, especially in the business work. Leaders aren’t programmed to feel. Leaders are seen as the strong, resilient, all knowing type, when in reality they come in all shapes, sizes and background. The way a person excepts all the differences if to be tolerant of them. Emotionally connecting with people fosters understanding. As a leader, emotionally understanding your team is a big part of leading them. According to author Harvey Deutschendorf, it’s not healthy for a leader to remain unemotional toward their subordinates. I believe you can get so much more out of a person if you are emotionally connected with them. Not to mention, they can actually do a better job supporting you if they have an idea of your emotional states.

Hey Sobeye!

Your results are similar to mine in that we both are Free Spirits. I am not a person that like to be tied down and I speak my mind frequently. I have often been told I am too honest. It is an amazing quality to have in business and life in general. It makes others feel comforted when you empathize with them.

What do you think you could do differently to score a higher percentage in the emotional support area? I know for myself at times I feel I am being sympathetic but not enough. I have always been taught that the same level of care does not work for everyone. Have you thought that the approach you normally take towards others won’t work for everyone?



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