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Information Management Essay 1

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What the University is currently doing to manage knowledge and information related to Carbon footprint reduction:

1. Pg 14: The use of an Environmental Management System (EMS), which contains Comparative buildings data, and allows a comparison to be made between the University and other Russell Group institutions. The data is used mainly to analyse the net internal area (NIA), which is the net usable area available amongst university buildings, and monitoring target the target will be to increase the ratio to give more efficient buildings.

2. The use of Condition surveys and other data gathering provides a large body of information to assist in allocating resource and management of current budgetary insufficiencies in the short to medium term without catastrophic breakdowns or major deterioration of the estate. E.g. A feasibility study for the installation of a Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP), which will predict how to reduce carbon emissions by 12.5%, began in 2010.

3. The university gathers data across its operation on Carbon, Waste and Utilities Management.

4. Pg 17: Availability of management and comparison data is having a direct, structured influence on the design of all new build and refurbishment projects of all sizes and ensure that development work optimises the opportunity to embed energy efficient solutions and technology in projects. With the current data management input, all projects described in the five year period of the plan will reduce carbon emissions beyond the University's target, and indeed reach HEFCE's target.

5. Pg 18: The energy usage data gathered from individual buildings has helped the University to develop energy efficiency systems which rewards responsible energy use and recharges energy costs to users. The University uses part of the £1.4m Revolving Green Fund awarded to the University for energy efficient projects on such saving schemes.

6. Pg 18: The use of best practice data in choosing responsible energy options that ensures heating, lighting and other power requirements are met

7. Pg 18: With the use of data and information gathered on current university approaches and practices, conduct regular reviews on the extent to which they reflect best practices identified.

8. The university takes account of financial costs data as important considerations in all procurement decisions

9. The university considers the amount of energy/carbon consumed/saved as a primary driver in considering whether a capital project can proceed or not.

10. Since the autumn of 2009, the university established a dedicated Carbon Reduction Team, comprising of two Carbon Reduction Technicians within the Estates Directorate, recruited across the UK.

11. The university has adopted a systematic approach to measuring, monitoring



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