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Information System

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Information System--Interconnection and technology risks


Risks: 1) A plan is always made ahead of time, so it is lack of flexibility to adapt into different scenario or some emergencies. Doctors would be blocked from patient system and have nothing to deal with it.

2) When something goes wrong at the very beginning, something else will go wrong, just like a ripple effect. And people could only find out the problem when it is serious enough to be seen; if people have control of the planning at the beginning, the breakdown would not happen due to early diagnose and fixing.

3) It would somehow decrease effectiveness, because only a limited number of people would get involved with the network.

Benefits: 1) It is good for sorting and tracking data and it improves multitasking capability which allows JetBlue to survive the crisis of 1000 cancelled flights;

2) It is cost efficient which leads less labor cost. Fewer workers would work on computers to manage more tasks.

3) It centralized and synchronized information from different locations, and it is efficient when dealing with real time situations. When JetBlue wants to know exact information, it will provide what they need instead of scheduled data.


1) Since Raffin noticed that the problem could have been software-related, and the problem has the ability to spread into other facilities, so I would like to say the breakdown cause by computer virus. In this case, Raffin should contact with computer engineer once he found the problem so that the whole system would be protected.

2) He should let people know about the situation through multiple public media so that either patients or employees would not rush into the system at the same time and make the situation worse. Meanwhile, it could help tech team to figure out the problem and fix it within a shorter period of time.


With interconnection, residents could access patient charts to review the prior day's result or add orders, and it helps to make rational schedules; also, patient's information could be easily shared through the network among each location, and it helps to allocate and integrate medical resources feasibly, and it even makes distance diagnosis possible for some emergencies. At the same time, patient could have better medical care due to more convenient access to specific medical facility and more detailed lists of instructions or medications.



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