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Information Systems

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Information system is a collection of methods, practices, and methodologies that transform data into detail information and knowledge that is useful and desired by individuals and group users in organizations or other entities (University of Maryland, 2008). Information systems involve a combination of work practices, people, information, and technologies that help organize and accomplish goals within an organization. The best way to get knowledge of computers is to go back to the beginning.

Early 1960- The first computer was used in healthcare. A few small hospitals began to use the computer to generate payroll and patient accounting (Glandon, Smaltz, & Slovensky, 2012).

1970s- Advances in technology expanded the use of information systems through the healthcare industry. The systems soon became part of other healthcare organizations such as clinics, physician's offices and long term facilities. By this time computers became smaller and less expensive. Due to the expensive of the computers vendors developed application software packages. Application software was computer programs that any hospitals or healthcare organizations could use to generate patient accounting, general accounting, materials, scheduling and practice management (Glandon, Smaltz, & Slovensky, 2012).

1980s- In the 1980 a virtual revolution occurred within computing. The developments of powerful and inexpensive personal computers were invented known as a PC. PC was a desktop computer that has the computing power and storage capacity that was equaled to the large mainframe systems of the 1960 and 1970. Another advance in the 1980 was the development of electronic data networks. These networks gave the PC and larger systems the ability to be linked together for the sharing of information on a decentralized basis.

1990s- Major and more dramatic changes came into play. Healthcare organizations were now able to exchange information with other organizations with just a click of a button. Getting back to the present technology has continued to grow. We now have devices such as the I Phone, I Pad, and laptops to generate any information on patients. Many hospitals use laptops to take patients information and that is how the information is stored. An electronic medical record is the new as the paper medical records was just a shade of the past.

Technology in computer has had major changes from the early 60s up to the present day. Many healthcare organizations are still adjusting to all the changes. Many organizations are developing new systems to support clinical operations and strategic management. Some priorities of healthcare information systems today include: protection of patients security, clinical systems to support disease management programs, reducing medical errors, interoperability, the use of Internet, development electronic health applications, usage of wireless devices



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