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Information Technology Acts Paper

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Information Technology Acts

With the way technology has advanced over the years and the increase of information technology and how it's being used all over the world has resulted in ethical problems and unethical decisions. These actions and issues have made our Congress implement these legislative acts to help protect the privacy and security of our citizens. It's crazy to me that now go on the computer and type someone's name and pull up information on that person. I tried it myself and put my wife's and my name in and a website came up that if you pay some money you can get information on us. I'm sure all the information is public information but it's kind of weird to have that kind of instant access to it. The information shown was my name, age, and past cities with zip code that I have lived in. The web site said that if you pay them you can get more information like telephone number, physical address, my birthday, aliases, and family and relatives names. I'm not so sure that I would like people having access to any personal information of mine. These privacy acts to me are a very big deal. I feel only a certain limited amount of people should have access to this information and who has the right to give that information out. In the wrong hands people's personal and private information could be very dangerous and could ruins lives. You see it all the time with people's identity being stolen and peoples credit getting ruined. With the advancement of information technology today it has made an opportunity for solicitors of all kinds, what do you do when you don't want your information so accessible.


Introduction to Information Systems, Third Edition; Ethics, Privacy, and Information Security, 2011 John Wiley & Sons Inc.



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