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Communication and Information Technology Paper

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When it comes to health care there are many different types of technology that aides in caring for the patients and better providing their medical information. The one that comes to mind is the Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This paper will cover things like how efficient and effective communication is, the advantages and disadvantages and what influences it has on the consumers. We will also cover some short and long term financial impacts within different organizations.

When Electronic Medical Records are used this allows for several things to be accomplished. EMR's improve the availability of patient's information and it increases collaboration and integrates the health care system. In many hospitals most of the records and transactions are paper based. When records are paper based it makes it harder for physicians, nurses and even doctors to be able to access patients records in order to make things easier to access and so that they patients care runs more smoothly and quickly. This in turn allows the health care providers to make better decisions for the patients care.

When it comes to efficiency in regards to Electronic Medical records, it allows many different things to happen. This includes consolidating data on patients, allowing visualization and it also improves clinical care and helps to keep the patients satisfied. Electronic Medical Records)

There are several things to think about when it comes to knowing what the advantages and disadvantages are when it comes to using Electronic Medical records. The first advantage of the EMR would be in regards to the patients. Patients feel that EMR's allows for improved diagnosis and their treatments. They found that there are fewer errors that are found in their medical records when this system is used. Also the care that patients receive is much faster when they are seen by the medical doctors and nurses. Another perspective of advantages deals with the EMR advantages for the medical practices for doctors and health practitioners. They have found that when electronic medical records are used to transfer patient's medical data from one department to the next is done very quickly. By using the EMR system it saves a lot of space for everyone's medical records. This system also allows for the doctors to see more patients during the day and fewer errors occur in regards to patients care. The Electronic Medical records are customized so that they can grow over time in regards to patients care. Another advantage is that the EMR system allows for less errors to be made and this in turn is a benefit not only to the patients but also to the doctors giving the care. This system also makes it easier to read the doctors notes because everything is put in to the patients EMR record and it eliminates lost records.

The disadvantages of the Electronic Medical records come from the challenges of investments in the program the preparation and the



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