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Inspiration Subprime Crisis

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First, the subprime crisis problems reflected the existence of derivative financial product regulation

1, no early to predict crises . Began in the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis ,

Like the previous financial crisis , even though some experts and regulators aware of which

There may be a security risk , but whether it will cause a crisis , will cause more than

Large degree of loss , when the crisis broke out in other related issues and there is no uniform

And a clear understanding of , and therefore only when a crisis occurs , the management really know

Road crisis , so hurry to take some emergency measures. In fact, since the United States

Since the national high-tech bubble burst , the U.S. economy entered the downturn phase , government

The government adopted a series of loose fiscal and monetary policies. Starting in 2001 ,

The Fed cut interest rates more than 20 times , from 715 % to 1% , and keep 1%

The loose monetary policy of low interest rates for two years [ 1 ] . These liberal political

Policy to stimulate the economy at the same time as the outbreak of the subprime crisis potential problems , however,

Unfortunately, only when a crisis occurs , people realized the policy was somewhat


2, the response was not as effective . After the outbreak of the subprime crisis , a great

Getting worse, not only to Bear Stearns , Citigroup and Merrill Lynch

Large U.S. financial institutions involved, but also the wave hit the United Kingdom, Japan ,

France, Germany and other developed countries , and even some of China 's financial institutions have been

Subject to a certain degree of loss . Although the monetary authorities of countries are actively

Shadow to take response measures to inject liquidity , lower interest rates , the subprime crisis

There are still signs of ring for further development . Statistics show that the negative impulse

Strike has been extended to the U.S. consumer market, so that increases the risk of economic deterioration

Large . That is to say , the subprime crisis is far from stopping [ 2 ] . U.S. Government

Liquidity of financial institutions bailout , is short-term



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