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Elements of the Crisis of War 1793

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Essay Preview: Elements of the Crisis of War 1793

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In March 1793 the elements of the crisis of war, economic disruption, civil war and popular radicalism came together to prompted practice of government that would have horrified the people of France around 1789. It was the point of supreme crisis when the revolution seems more threatened, that the convention began to adopt the fist measure s of the revolutionary government which meant that now temporary emergency measures to deal with crisis of the revolution. The popular movement demanded many strong measures, events followed a familiar Patten, anger, suspicion paranoia and vengefulness boiled over in the section meetings in Paris, there were calls for forma action, so the Jacobin club fearful issues of pleasing the popular movement, were delivered to the people, the convention quickly passed legislation, for example the ideas of a revolutionary Tribunal to try traitors first arose in the Paris sections was taken up by the Jacobin club the enacted by the convention on march 10 1793 The process of this idea was also used for the representatives on missions. Deputies were sent to provinces to let the people know why emergency measures were necessary and to coordinate, but really the representatives became spies. The violent response against the terror and organized religion came from the popular revolutionary movement, while the convention tried to continue to press hush laws against non-juring priests, allowing them to deported on the basis of six citizen complaints, while in Paris the insurrectionary commune encouraged symbolic acts like turning the cathedral of Notre-Dame into a temple of reason, they encouraged the revolutionary crowed to attack churches, vandalise sacred objects and prevent public church services. The revolutionary movement was out of control of the revolutionary leaders.



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