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Integrated Marketing Plan of Azimuth Watch Company

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Essay Preview: Integrated Marketing Plan of Azimuth Watch Company

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Integrated Marketing Plan of Azimuth Watch Company

This IMC plan describes marketing tactics to use integrated communications, sharpen awareness, and introduce a new set of Azimuth Watch Company products to the public. The IMC plan is used to achieve the objectives of the marketing and communications plan, and address some of the issues and challenges surrounding the introduction and success of this new area and society to discuss key areas such as brand positioning, strategies and target policies for public.

Azimuth Watch Company is striving to provide it’s customers with timeless pieces to provide booths with exquisite design and detailed with excellent quality. Since its birth in 2003, some product lines were released, but the desired reception was unfinished. Azimuth Watch Company has to be branded and reposition in a manner to allow it’s potential customers to receive and understand the brand. Through the introduction of targeted marketing process and various specific elements, such as identifying unfulfilled needs, market segmentation, selecting target markets and positioning, testing the marketing process. Azimuth Watch Company’s marketing plan could be done properly to identify better what is brand’s effectivness is finally, the goal of reaching the market with the desired results. As result, Azimuth can become a leading brand for their products, efficient delivery of what they have planned.

Based in Singapore since 2003, Azimuth Watch Company has manufactured its products in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded on the concept of designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of quality watches to complement the lifestyle of selected individuals. Being closely related to an azimuth is akin to what the concept does in many practices, such as astronomy, map and navigation applications. Azimuth is strongly influenced by science and the way in which almost everything works in the world is explained, and its purpose is to produce wrist watches that meet the different cultures with the solid basis of science and logic. Azimuth depicts the philosophy of mixture of science and lifestyle of life in different possibilities.

4.1 SWOT analysis

1. Only company with the unique philosophy of science and lifestyle watches to mix.

2. The products are manufactured in Switzerland.

3. A wide range of different segments with a well-defined positioning.

4. International tie-up with Tommy Hilfiger

1. Lack of major media campaign, even after 13 years after its launch

2. The higher price compared to other brands such as Swatch and Casio.

3. current survey shows, a stronger focus is on expanding the quality

4. brand value is not created

1. Increased demand for luxury goods in a fast forwarding and developing country as Singapore

2. Presence of a monopoly, being the first and only company luxury watch based in Singapore in this country.

1.Premium international brands such as Citizen watches and Omega entered Singapore.

2. Smart phones, which serves as a replacement for watches.

3. As the market in Singapore is wide open to import, it will be difficult for local players to maintain sustainable growth.

4. Low customer satisfaction among competitors.

5. expansive advertising and promotion of competitors.

4.2 Competition analysis
Two of its competitors opposing Azimuth are Citizen and Omega. These two brands are well known to be some of the world's largest watch manufacturers. Line radio Citizen Skyhawk A-T watches has time stamp. The clocks can be synchronized with the radio clocks in Japan, North America and Europe, and automatically chooses the right frequency to do based on the location of the local time zone. Citizen also includes eco-driving technology, which means their watches do not need batteries. Omega also has the reputation of being the watchmaker of NASA, and was also the first watch on the moon in 1969. He was also the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932. A great number of celebrities have also come from Omega as Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Zhang Ziyi, and Cindy Crawford. The two companies are also concentrating on making watches and managed to discover a wide range of products with a wide range of end products. As such, these companies actually give them a competitive advantage over Azimuth.

4.3 current marketing
What the Azimuth Watch Company lacks of is marketing efforts, characteristic and a stronger identity. The current efforts are only media advertising in public places such as bus stops, magazines and newspapers. Some magazines have written reviews or articles printed on Azimuth products and the risk is that magazines publications could place their products with a product from another competitor. In this way, the consumers tend to compare whatnthey want to buy. The few publications, which only came to the side for Azimuth are Style, 8 days, I-Weeks and newpaper. The limited amount of advertising space can obstruct the original message Azimuth wants to bring to its consumers. With just print ads only a limited messages can reach to the customers of Azimuth. Writing a good review can not be belived if the identity and character of the company is not prominent and awareness of brand to consumers is not high.

4.4 Explanation of the problems
There are many problems Azimuth now stands about their efforts marketing communications. These problems make it difficult to surpass Azimuth and become the ideal brand in their MC efforts because of gaps. The number of these problemss are:

i) low brand awareness
(Ii) poor brand identity
(Iii) strong competition with other established brands
Iv) poor positioning of marketing
With limited marketing efforts, Azimuth fails to increase their brand awareness. Incorrect positioning of the brand (and ads) also hinders potential target exposure compared to their brand products.Themself company is not capable of being prominent in the places that consumers in the watch industry figures them out. If you do not take a clear position in the watch industry and in the minds of consumers, so Azimuth can not achieve the desired goals, the company leading in a negative way.

V. Marketing objectives
The few objectives Azimuth Watch Company seeks to achieve are:

i) The establishment of an effective strong brand identity in the market of Singapore

ii) Raise awareness of the brand
iii) Creating a new range of effective products in Singapore market.

iv The integration of corporate social responsibility.

v)Achieve sales of 12,000 units of the new product line in 2012

If planning and marketing communication is actually used strategically, these goals can be triggered.

Brand awarness of Azimuth in Singapore is very low currently because it is not easily recognisable and consumers can not easily identify the brand and its products. If the brand is popular and awareness is raised, the amount of sales and profits will surely increase. In addition, people will be able to recognize the brand that results in improvement of the reputation of the brand.

A strong brand identity also allows consumers to preserve credible brand and account. If Azimuth managed to send a strong visual message that is used in commercial and marketing activities, keep them a step ahead of your communications competition. Have a consistent visual identity across all your business and marketing communications at the top of the minds of the current and potential consumers will be if they have a need for products or services Azimuth. The stability can also be achieved when Azimuth successfully develops functional brand identity because it gives the impression that your company is dedicated to the watch industry they serve. In essence, the main goal is to introduce marketing, and precisely the new product to position the local market and Azimuth finally achieved a turnover of 12,000 watches in 2012.

The strategy for Azimuth Watch Company employs its marketing communications options for the best use for the initial introduction and application itself in the market, its position in the minds of consumers eroding effectively and finally its new product range.

6.1 Target group
According to destination viewer profiles you better decisions Azimuth seamstress and consistent in the best way will help to market and sell. It also allows more consistent with the customer's staff to deal with, because everyone works in the same depth of knowledge. When Azimuth determines its target audience, which will allow their communication and marketing to expand efforts to bring the message effectively to your target audience. The main goal of the public Azimuth are people who offer opulent and prefer luxury items as a lifestyle choice to enjoy. These include men and women of the working class, with an annual turnover of up to S $ 80,000 and above. An ideal way to be advertising target group for this would be the internet, because these people are too busy professionals in their respective fields. Due to their full schedule and social work, it is unlikely that they will collect modem magazines of local life that are served by the market averages.

6.2 Branding and image positioning
As a luxury watchmaker, Azimuth stand intense competition with other established watch brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Swatch, etc. to have a unique brand, Azimuth be able to separate from the other co-branding, thus set up in a part of the market. According to Jay Ehret (2009), brands are not specific; They are the thoughts, feelings and psychological relationship between a company and a customer, and that the brand is the foundation for all marketing activities. The brand is an approach to the inner compass and that if a company is clearly the brand, which is an understanding of what is involved. Over time a strong brand identity will be established. Azimuth can take the branding of a "science and logic." Despite close competitors who have developed product lines with different motivations and philosophies, Azimuth can be the first brand that focuses on the simple but basic philosophy of how things can be easily explained by science and logic. Instead, to be a mere luxury brand, play this philosophy, there are consumers the opportunity to work with the products, intellect. Consumers buy products with your emotions instead of logic in general. A strong brand, with Azimuth as the distinctive watch provides consumers with a wide range of luxury products in high quality positioning a unique philosophy that distinguishes them from other watch on the market in Singapore.

6.3 New articles
New product line meets the twist Azimuth their target consumer, focusing on minimalist design with emphasis, with motivation is that people from all walks of life can opt for an even simpler style luxury watch that escapes.

6.4 stratergy price
The price strategy of the new product range is mazimum Azimuth skimming market. In this approach, Azimuth is setting a high price for its high product new range market products to maximize before replacement appear. This price strategy is ideal as it complements the luxury imagery of the brand, as it is more likely for your target audience to buy watches unlikely to have a very modest price. The high price will distinguish it from its competitors by offering the image of an exceptional product.

VII. IMC recommended strategy
With proper planning in advertising, consumers can perceive a positivity of the brand. Azimuth must use a multi-track approach for their brand advertising methods to adopt a place the minds of consumers. The first strategy for Azimuth to establish their brand identity, their image and possibly as a luxury watch brand needs to repositioned, the different cultures that react with the solid basis of science and logic. The proposed implementation of the strategy recommendation is 12 months, divided into three phases. The first 4 months of the strategy will pay particular attention to the development of the brand in the hearts and minds of consumers and brand awareness. From a series of printing ads to address consumers about their needs and desires, the goal of this first phase is rereturn the Azimuth position as a luxury watch brand and attractive scientific philosophy. Along with this version of print advertising costs will be the implementation testimonials and product placement. Celebrities like Beyonce, Angelina, Brad Pitt should encourage to share their experiences on their taste for Azimuth products. The product can be carefully placed in the Hollywood films, TV reality shows, Theatre Dramas. The exposure of this advertisement will be that publishing product to millions of movie lovers will provide broad public attention. The next quarter of the strategy will be printed in the next set of print ads and TV commercials to follow the similar outdoor air. Another add on strategy will be marketing of Azimuth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkdin and other social media plateforms. American actor and filmmaker Adrien Brody was the youngest actor to win the best Academy Award, He should be endorsed to portray Azimuth the "ideal choice" for luxury watches. A TV ad highlight Brody's preference for the product range also includes Azimuth. Similarly, Brody Azimuth will be presented in an exclusive interview on the official website of Azimuth, talking extensively about his passion for exclusive luxury watches and the reason behind it and why Azimuth is your ideal choice. The final phase of this strategy has laid more than four months to include the creation of a segment on the official website Azimuth, educate prospective buyers on what to consider when they next purchase. A feedback forum will also be set up separately for Azimuth buyers to make their comments and opinions about this product too.

7.1 Broadcasting media: product placement
Hollywood movies combines elements and well known in the whole world. Azimuth has a chance to increase brand awareness by keeping their brand in a very popular movies; which are viewed worldwide by all age groups and consumer groups.

7.2 Print Advertising: Print Media
Currently Azimuth is only using the print media approach for the publicity and technical reviews of the products. In addition, the strong possibility that is, their products are written right next to a competitor’s products, these reviews are written by a third person therefore it may not be sufficient to convinced the consumers to buy Azimuth products. These comments will send the message directly to consumers, much less communicate identity and branding. Also, your opinion in lifestyle magazines place that the individual is not more freely set up as they approach their lifestyle the luxury lifestyle magazines through the surfing. Therefore, Azimuth Watch Company to design and launch a series of print ads in the correct portal to enable successful communication with your target audience.

Figure 7: New print Azimuth Print advertising
The "Perfect Symmetry" slogan collects and sends the news about the brand identity and image Azimuth expected. The term "symmetry" means a new set of products, through which far Azimuth minimalism occurs.

7.3 Celebrities: Adrien Brody
Celebrities eat, drink, travel, shopping and usually behave as normal consumers, but with much more purchasing power and the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of the other consumers, just make them choose to buy for them -gaters. This effect is drawn with which people try to emulate their favorite stars, a unique opportunity for brands. A Celebrity approve offers two important things to Azimuth: Aspiration and Credibility. In today's competitive market, a celebrity endorsement can give Azimuth perceived the product or service, the immediate recognition and legitimacy that would normally take years to win. Adrien Brody has managed to build a good reputation for the youngest winner of an Oscar for the best actor and the only American to have won a French César Award. He also made his debut as a model of Prada Runway.



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