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Kyota Automotive Integrated Marketing Plan

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Essay Preview: Kyota Automotive Integrated Marketing Plan

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Our company, KYOTA Automotive has come up with a new Integrated marketing plan or (IMC) plan for the LANCEL 4000 sedan. In this report, we will further introduce ourselves and how we got started, our client background, the internal and external situational analysis, and why a new IMC plan is needed. KYOTA Automotive is a strong competitor in the automobile marketing industry and is focused on increasing the brand equity and profitability of companies focused on increasing their share of the vehicle market of the future. Our mission is to make sure that our clients have the vehicle they can afford while looking like they can afford a luxury sedan, impressing their friends but staying in budget lines they have to get ahead.


The decision to target the young entrepreneur, the family, or the baby boomer generation with the LANCEL 4000 that can fit their lifestyle, we have looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the KYOTA product as well as the opportunities and threats and have included them in this sample marketing plan. We feel that the automobile market will profit from making a simple yet luxurious sedan for the price of less than $22,000.00 sticker price is good for the three focused target groups. Not many companies are focusing towards all three generations with the vehicle market, and we want KYOTA to be one of the first companies to have a vehicle that everyone will want to drive.


The KYOTA Marketing team has marketed the KYOTO brand very successfully in Korea since the mid 90's. It had only recently been the last 5 years that they began the analysis and research to infiltrate the American market. KYOTA understands customers interested in economically being able to afford a vehicle that will show luxury for a minimal investment. The owner, Bob Loblaw (Kusuki), had invented a new automobile that appears as a luxury car but at the price of an economy car. His mission is to provide a product to People that looks like a million bucks but cost less than $22,000.00 with top line speakers and stereo system that the music melts as it is delivered. KYOTA tirelessly worked with customers and fellow Korean distributors to understand the best approach for Mr. Loblaw (Kusuki) to introduce his new LANCEL 4000 to the market. With help from Marketing Solutions, Loblaw (Kusuki) has grown and become one of the largest distributors of automobiles throughout Korea. KYOTA uses their focus on hard work, communication and developed partnerships with clients to play a competitive role in the marketing needs of an affordable car that appears as a luxury car.


KYOTA Automobile exists to provide clients with the that our clients have the vehicle they can afford while looking like they can afford a luxury sedan for less than $22,000.00 It is our focus to create strong partnerships with our customers in a never ending attempt to increase awareness, a positive image and consistently quality product and brand as a whole. We are sure we can successfully demonstrate a measurable value by creating growing and profitable solutions to our client's marketing needs.


At KYOTA we use a developed approach that involves goals, research and implementation. By setting achievable goals we are able to create measurable and obtainable marketing plan with a vision that is in sync with our customers' goals and desires. By conducting extensive primary and secondary research that is highly focused on a reachable target market we are able to gain a greater understanding for the markets buying habits and behaviors. Finally, we create a developed plan for implementation that is fine tuned to the needs of our client and will meet and exceed the expectations set at the conception of our sample marketing plan.


Our position is that we are going to provide a beautiful cost effective vehicle, that appeals to all of the targets. It will provide front disc brakes, crash shields that can be compared to the safest make in the US. The "VOLVO". It has the luxury appearance of the more expensive model, the 4 door support for a family and the sporty look that anyone will be proud to drive. It also has an advantage that most Sedans do not. The average Sedan is 12 inches from the ground making them hard for baby boomers to enter and exit. The LANCEL 4000 is 15 inches from the ground and is easy to enter and exit. Another advantage of the LANCEL 4000, unlike most Sports Sedans that has minimal head space the LANCEL has excellent head space for anyone who is 5' 10- 6'4". These unique features are what will give the LANCEL 4000 the competitive advantage against other Sedans. Our target market will respond well to these features and find it easy to join the fast growing number of customers that are falling in love with the LANCEL 4000 2013.

PROMOTIONS for the LANCEL 4000 2013

The "LANCEL 4000",made by K, a new and exciting car dealership that brings luxury to you for the price of a midgrade car is in a city near you. Priced below $22,000.00 including all the bells and whistles of a luxury car the Lance 4000 is here to stay. The LANCEL is a four door sedan that is great for the family but with a sports look that will appeal to the youngest trend setter.

* Cash Incentive

Cash incentives valid on retail delivery of select new unregistered vehicles when purchased and registered between September 1 and November 30 incentive for the 2013 LANCEL 4000 made by KYOTA Manufacturing. Cash customer incentives are available for all Kyoto retail customers except customers who lease or purchase finance through KYOTA Financial Services at a special rate of interest offered by KYOTA as part of a low rate interest program. All advertised lease and finance rates are special rates. See your KYOTA Dealer to determine if tax applies before or after the application of the cash incentives in your jurisdiction. Offers are subject to change without notice, quantities under this promotion are limited and dealer trade may be required

Customer Incentive

Customer Incentive offers valid on retail delivery of select new unregistered KYOTA vehicles, when purchased or leased (as applicable); if no details then purchase and lease are both eligible). Vehicle must be purchased/leased, registered and delivered between September 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. Customer Incentive offers are from September 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012. See your KYOTA Dealer to determine if tax applies before or



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