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International Accounting

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This chapter content methods of improve personal and professional skills to meet organizational and personal goals and objectives. First we look at the goal and objectives of the personal and organisational goal.


If a person is having a vision means goal and also having a mission means objectives can achieve success in his or her life by saving money and by saving time. He or she can justify where is he or she standing? Where he or she can be reach? What need to do? What is positive part and what is negative part of the particular subject. Sharp goal and objectives can helps them to perform well and going smoothly in proper path Goal and objectives reduces their subjectivity by giving some extend of success. Crystal clear goal and objective can make anyone easy to understand and convinced by without arguments on the particular project or system. By mean goal and objective are most important weapons to be succeed. Goal stands for where person want to be and objectives stands for how a person can be able to achieve that particular goal in a mean time. Goal should be big and bold, clear enough, realistic and measurable. Objective should be leads on positive path of success, realistic according to current situation, smart enough and qualitative also measurable. These both lead to success. That is why it is very important to improve personal and professional skills to meet goal and objective.

My personal goal:-

Short term personal goals: -

 To get distinction and to be 1st in my college and break record of last five years.

 I want to be better in communication, to enhance my personality and to develop presentation skill.

Medium term personal goals:-

 I want to work with a well reputed fashion clothing company in management department with superior level.

 To enhance my professional skills during my professional carrier.

Long term personal goals:-

 To open own fashion clothing company in India.

 To expand business on international level mainly UK, USA, AUSTRALLIA.


The best strategy of goal achievement is first a human being has to find his or her weaknesses and strengths and then decide what needs to be improving his or her weaknesses in to strengths. Looking forward to that there are some skills which I need to develop to enhance my personality and performance too. Some of those are Time management, Planning and organisation, Attitude and Motivation, Problem resolving and decision making in critical situation, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation and Communication skill, Team work skill.

Time management: - This would be truly affected and very important jargon for goal achievement. Time management can save those precious minutes which you can use it while you really want it. Because you cannot add a second in a day but you can manage your seconds through your time management skill. So you can get more out of our day by avoiding time wasters. It proved very essential skill for personal and professional goal achievements.

Planning and organisation: - Planning is also very important jargon for goal achievement. Good planning can drive you on the path of your goal success. You are be more perfect and focussed on what you have to do or not to do. You can understand the priority level and arrange your work accordingly. You will be more confident at your work and also at your goal success. Organisation is a bit part of planning. When the things should be organised you never get panic or frustrated. You can go as simple as you can and also your work should be neat and qualitative. Mistakes chances are very less. Subjectivity should be very



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