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Internal Revenue Service

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Essay Preview: Internal Revenue Service

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The study was supposed to have covered all the offices of the Internal Revenue Service nationwide but we could not get access to the Revenue Agencies, Governing Board and the four Deputy Commissioners of Taxes. Due to time constraints and limited resources, the study was carried out in the Greater Accra and Central Regions. It is however expected that the findings from these offices would largely reflect the general situation with the Service.

The project is organized into five chapters. The first chapter deals with the introduction, the rationale of the study, the statement of the problem, the general and specific objectives. The research questions, the scope of the Study, Limitations, Definition of Concepts and the organization of the study. Chapter two reviews the existing literature on employee turnover and discusses the conceptual frame, the major determinants of employee turnover, and how they affect internal revenue mobilization. It looks at the indispensible role of the human resource in the organization, and ends with a brief background of the IRS in mobilizing domestic revenue.

Chapter three deals with the methodology adopted for the study. That is, the study design, population and sample, the instruments and limitations of data collection, and data processing and analysis.

Chapter four presents and discusses the results of the main findings of the study and. Chapter five takes a look at the summary and conclusions, and highlights the implications of the major findings; and makes recommendations for action and further research on the subject.

This chapter presents



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