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International Trade

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In 2007, Marriott International launched Sales Force One as an oligopoly market structure by removing meeting and convention sales personal from property based sales teams. The reorganization of the sales teams made Marriott more customers centric then it had been in the past. Sales Force One allowed global sales team the opportunity of being the primary point of contact while representing all brands and properties to accommodate strategic customer relationships spanning all business segments located in Marriott facilities situated in the United States and over 68 other territories in the world.

Marriott's Sales Force One is distinguished by its central global leadership and. Consolidated organization with integrated global and market sales approach. Customer and sales associate support services. Strong global brands and distribution:

The Sales Force One structure coordinates the activities of these sales engines to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts as well as to present a single face to the customer. The sales engines are organized around key strategic accounts that support all business segments including Group, Business and Leisure Transient, Extended-Stay and Special Segments. Marriott's GAM manager equivalent sales engine manages all select global account needs. Other sales engines specialize in other market segments. When a global account needs products and services that can best be provided by other specialized sales engines, these appropriate specialized sales engines are summoned to team effort by the GAM managers. GSO also includes a Global Sales Services & Support (GS3) to support all of GSO's efforts

Marriott brands to include Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, Residence Inn, Courtyard, TownePlace Suites, Fairfield Inn, and Marriott Vacation Clubs.



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