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Xeco 212 - International Trade

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International Trade

XECO 212

January 25, 2010

International Trade

The International Trade of any country must be dealt with the most kindness of hands because if any trade is to be successful the trade must be a benefit of each country. The trade between countries has been increasing over the last 100 years. The trade margin for each country has increased, and some markets have decreased. This is very important to put the correct people in right markets to be involved when trading between countries.

The years between 1986 and 2001 the total United States trade market has grown from $227 billion per year to $731 billion per year. The exports of products and goods from this country have increased, especially the growth of technology. These jobs have increased because of the individual skills required to operate these machines. This is why the growth in technology from America has increased and grew the fastest in the nation. We ask why has trade between countries grown so fast? The answer it is because countries have shown different qualities and have shown the country can produce the products faster for the consumer to buy. Some countries have better growing soils than we do in America but we can harvest and mass produce the crops to be sold faster in the world trade market. WE have machinery that can plant crops and harvest the crops with little or no effort from a human being in charge. The machine is driven in the fields and they can plant, harvest, sort, and throughout bad crops before leaving the machine leaves the fields.

The country of Rodamia, the President Mr. Jacobs, has shown other markets that he is a firm believer in fair trade and open markets to the rest of the world. The president has formed a trade commission that is evidence he is serious about his countries world trade affairs. Most of Rodamia's trading is with crops like corn, wheat, cotton, dairy and poultry products that have been sold out of the country.

I would recommend the Rodamian President Mr. Jacobs, is able to be more active in the agricultural business because it seems that the country has large amounts of land. The land can be farmed by government officials or by individual people to raise crops to be sold in the world trade market. The country must bring in more revenue to achieve the status of being a world trade leader. If a product does not sell well in the market, stop growing the product and turn toward a more productive product. The bottom line, the country must make a profit or the other countries will out sell Rodamia in the future. The president is very active to create programs in his country that are successful and the programs are fair to all markets of the world.

The advantage that I have seen with the simulation consists of two parts; I believe the country needs to concentrate on the corn and wheat crops to be sold to other countries because Rodamia has large masses of land and agriculture. The land also can be harvested for other products like milk and cheese; these products are good consumer sellers to be bought in the grocery market. The disadvantage that I see from the simulation is the products of watches and DVD players because these products can be bought from a less expensive supplier instead of paying the premium price that near by countries are selling. These products



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