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International Women's Day

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Essay Preview: International Women's Day

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International Women's day

The fact that we have to have a public holiday commemorating this is discriminatory in itself. I mean, where on earth do you find men having an "International Men's day"? If women want to achieve gender equality then shouldn't such events be shut out? Ooooops>>>> Someone just corrected me, International Men's day was actually started in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999 and has been celebrated twice in Canada.

Alright controversial remarks away, let us look at the current state of women right now... I am privileged to be friends with women of all ages; those older, younger and the same age as I am. Women are now becoming more focused on their careers yet still longing for the traditional benefits of being a woman (that is being in a long term relationship with a good man-whatever the current definition of a good man is). However have we really developed in our thinking? Are we really "independent" and "equal" to the man? Do we subject ourselves to attributes of inferiority?

We still have women who look and treat themselves like sex objects...they dress to impress their male counterpart. Its like the freedom of dress expression is causing them to actually be forced to show cleavage and the likes so they may look and feel good. I admire the average Muslim woman who is dressed down and yet still feels great because they don't have to show off their 'assets' to be liked.

Wendy Lee, the owner of Chapter One Asia; one of the leading professional image consulting companies in Malaysia informs her female clients that when it comes to professional outfits, trousers suits are ranked higher than skirt suits because the more "manly" you look the more serious you look and I am inclined to agree with her because that is the exact mentality we all have. Still falling under the shadow of the man aren't we?

May I also highlight to you the number of times my friends have quoted Steve Harvey's book, "Think like a man, act like a lady." WOW... Isn't this really just trying to entail that women act good but their thinking is not yet up to par? I mean why else would we all still want to be thinking like a man. I say HELL NO, I'm going to think like a woman and excel at it. But then again, that's just me.

I believe by this time, you are probably thinking I am beginning to sound too feminist... All I am trying to say is that, when we make certain decisions about our body, our thinking or anything, we should do it as women, and for ourselves not because we want to fit in to societies norms. I should add on that I feel that men don't bring us down as women. Our greatest enemies are our species... The jealousy is toxic. We have that PHD (Pull Her Down) crab mentality just because we do not want to see each other succeed.



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