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Internet Marketing - Gadgets Uk

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Term Project for

Student's name: Karaslanis George

Petroutsos George

Raftopoulou Andromahi

Instructor: Ms. Mitropoulou

A. What customer segment(s) does the site caters for? is site based on selling through internet, gadgets and gifts for men, women and kids. The company provides a great variety of products such as toys, office disk usb's, lifestyle products, digital cameras, games-puzzle gifts of experience etc. The major segment of the site is based on customer who wants to have a variety of alternatives to choose without spending time on going through different field retail stores to search for a gift. In other words Budgets segmentation is giving emphasis to customers include consumers looking for a little retail therapy for themselves (or quirky gifts for others), other retailers who buy from us wholesale, and businesses looking for staff incentive or corporate gifts. However to make it more specific the site is based on men's from 25-35 years old, parents(kids toys) and to conclude we should mention that Gadgets are traditionally seen as boys' toys but electronics companies are increasingly becoming aware of the need to appeal to women. Because they believe that women can be attract easily especially the last 20 years because they become aware of internet use and to not have to give so much sales effort/promotion us for the men side of view. Thus an important segment for the company to take into consideration and invest is women.

B. How does it create value for the customer? Is it for free or with payment? Does the site download fast, irrespectively on your connection?

In this site ( there are many types of values that have been created. First of all, if a person wants to check some of the products, can have a visual contact with it and for the better opinion for the product can browse in the useful links about more info of this. For example, a customer may want to buy a watch for the wall and wants to check if the product of his/her choice fits best. If someone presses in the link of the product that write can check all the necessary descriptions about the product. Moreover the choice of purchasing a gadget depends on the money someone wants to spend and of the age of the person that will receive the gift-gadget. For this reason, there are links that can help in the choice by clicking the money range and the gender of the person and in the end the type of gadget we want to buy. But for the best service there are links that depends on the season you want to buy a gadget. For example if your choice is to purchase something that fits better in the summer and the fun you click in the link summer fun. Looking in the site I realized that the only language that the site is written is English because the site is in England. A very important point of the site that everyone can write a newsletter simply only writing his/her e-mail and name-surname without payment. In my opinion the most important value for the consumer is the policy of this site. According to it , the policy is that the delivery have to be done between 3 working days in the price of 3,95$ and if a customer does not want the product that bought can return it back until 30 days with money back guarantee. On the other hand an extra benefit/value is that if the customer need to have his product within 24 hours he just have to pay 5,95$ and the delivery will take place within one day. The last important point about the people visiting the site is the time of browsing the site. Personally, my connection in the internet is 1mbps and I don't have problem of fast browsing and checking everything I want this gives me satisfaction and willingness to continue purchase from this site.

C. What is the major competitive advantage of the site? How is this communicated through the site?

The major concern for all internet users is to ensure that the site they use fulfils the assumptions for security. By security we mean that if customers will be submitting for example their credit card information they will want to know if this information is safe. If they do not feel comfortable with the security a site offers, they will probably start looking for alternative sites in order to find what they want. As a result, in order for a site to gain the trust of its users it should provide to them a privacy policy with the strategy it follows for the usage of the personal data of the customers. The main information that a company may need is: contact information, profile information, platform usage information and behavioral information (Chaffey et al.).

In our case now, seems to fulfill the above assumptions for privacy. The site provides a privacy statement that informs the users about the privacy strategy it uses. Specifically, Mandy Evans firstly states the reasons they collect customers information. These reasons are: to process customer's order, to administer the business, to improve the service to their customers and to notify the users of products or services that may be of interest, but only if customers have agreed to do so. Then she informs the users about the type of information they collect, that is: name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit/debit card details, and assure them that their personal information will be held securely in accordance with the company's internal security policy and the law.

From the above information we can easily understand that the existence of a privacy statement in a site is very important because notifies customers with what the company intends to do. In order for a company to be reliable, honest towards its customers and successful should have a privacy policy.

D. metrics

First of all, we are going to present the traffic stats of according to metrics. The traffic rank of is 173,842 worldwide. Specifically, the site's top 5 worldwide traffic rank is: 14,381 for the United Kingdom, 57,935 for Ukraine, 60,706 for Greece, 153,708 for Australia and 169,092 for India. In order for the results to be more intelligible we compared the's traffic, reach, page views, time on site and search% to two



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