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Interracial Dating

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There are many social issues in this unstable world today, but one of the most uprising and common issues is interracial dating. Are you aware of the focus in the world on interracial dating? Throughout history and even in today's world, interracial dating has been a cause for discussion. Some people are unaware how major this subject is unless they personally know someone that is or are involved in a relationship with someone other than their race. My key points to focus on in this report are: "How society defines this issue," "The social category that may be affected," and "How society has changed due to the issue."

Commonly in countries outside of the US, people ban interracial dating in their community. Yet in some countries, biracial races have been formed through multiple races throughout history. Even in the US, it has become common to see biracial males, females and interracial couples. Although this may seem usual in our society, many families and churches discriminate and oppose against such relationships. In most cultures, it is sacred to keep the family origin going on from generation to generation and to keep the race pure. In some cases, a family would ban a family member from the family if caught dating outside of their race.

As people have become more accepted to interracial dating, some still consider this issue out of norm. What is commonly seen as normal is a male and female dating within their culture, religion, and race. In some cases, individuals would put interracial dating in the same category as same sex relationships though both are different in many ways. Also when this issue is not accepted in families, it seems like a big elephant in a room when both are together. Why is this so? One of the common questions amongst immigrated families is, "How would there be a negotiation to integrate both customs in the home." Another issue may be, "How will the children be looked upon for being biracial?" One other issue may even be, "What languages must be spoken within the family, and what religion should be important in the household?" Although this may seem as a big issue in other cultures, it certainly is an issue in the white and black communities.

The statistics for the acceptance of interracial dating has increased over time and is still increasing steadily. Over 50 percent of Americans has stated that they have dated outside of their race or ethnic group. "However, whites, inter-date, less than those of color." It is also studied that adolescents are much more positive about interracial relations than those at a much older age. As of today, there are no laws that state that it is illegal to date outside of the race. Even in historical time, there were no laws made to ban interracial dating, but there were threats and hate towards it. That shows a contrast of how much the society has changed their views on interracial dating.



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