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Introducing New Products - Domestic and International Markets Channel Strategy

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Essay Preview: Introducing New Products - Domestic and International Markets Channel Strategy

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In the society today, the success and accomplishment of introducing new products for a specified organization is subject to the channel and pricing strategies. A method will need to be implemented that consider how consumers in a domestic or international target market understand and assess price to be used to establish the first price offering. Consideration is set to the economic background of the target market by way of an environmental scan. For an organization to be successful in the United States or in an international expansion, the key stakeholders will have to select appropriate pricing and channel strategies which are consistent with the target market's economic background. The strategies chosen must also be associated with the domestic or international corporate purposes and performance goals.

Domestic and International Markets Channel Strategy

A company dealing with domestic and international markets channel strategies must firsts strongly consider any significant factors are dealt with in the primary and secondary vertical markets. Afterward, a suitable and effective channel strategy can be developed among the United States and France to introduce the new fashion merchandise to the market. The center of attention needs to be focused on the optimal channel strategy, intensity, and management to direct the new fashion merchandise for the future while offering all-inclusive service to the target markets in other countries.

The course of building up an international market is tricky, which many businesses nevertheless recognize as an Achilles' in the worldwide abilities. In basic stipulations, crossing the threshold into a new country-market is like a start-up situation with no sales, marketing, or infrastructure in place, and slight or no information of the market. Without strong competition, the only threat for the United States and France may be brand dilution. "Brand dilution occurs when consumers no longer associate a brand with a specific product or highly similar products and start thinking less of the brand" (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p. 299). The use of integrated channels will be more beneficial above other channels because the product circulation procedures used will shift flawlessly cross-culturally and shorten the channeling strategy because integrated channels will make shopping easier and suitable.

Domestic and International Markets Pricing Strategy

During 2010 the United States population had more than 310 million people, therefore using that population data was the results for estimating percentage of potential buyers within the United States. The percentage will be helpful in determining the average yearly selling price of new products because entering into the global market will have an enormous outcome on pricing strategies for starting a business



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