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Introduction to Electronic Commerce

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Introduction to electronic commerce #Final Report|Samsung company and N-screen strategy

Professor | 박민아

Name : Khalid S. AL-Otibi Student Number : 2009054413


N-Screen (Connected Devices) Though technically there are differences,N-Screen Services and Multi-Device Services (or Connected Devices or Device Proliferation) are often used to express the same technology.

The company also forecasts we will have 22 billion Internet connected devices by 2020.

The examples of the connected devices are Smart TV, Car Navigation, Smart Pad, Digital Signage, Smart Watch, tablets, netbooks, eBook readers, Internet TVs, digital picture frames, cameras, game consoles, etc.

N-Screen is described as a unified entertainment experience across several devices, meaning that one can flit between watching the same program on one's TV, tablet or smartphone, with the software adapting the programming to the various formats automatically.

N Screen is about enabling the user to use multiple devices. The core element of N Screen Service is a platform that makes the use of content or services on multiple devices possible. Interface with content providers and replay & synchronization technology by device are essential.

In this report i will fusce about the new technology which called N-screen Through Samsung N-screen service strategy. This dayes people got more interested about technology and technology company Battling to get the customer's trust. Most of the N-Screen service provided a great service in entertainment field. Before the beginning i would like to ask Why Samsung ?

samsung has became first company in mobile and Tv Market, big and popular company people in korea trust Samsung and out of korea Even in Saudi Arabia!

● Vision

Continuity in the competition is important for any company and the technology is Evolving day by day and following this Evolve is need a good strategy to keep working hard in this field. the Main goal is how to Evolve our N-screen services with all fields and make Creative and new vision for the coming 5 years.

● Propose mission

I think company must Meet the desire of the customer in all the field of technologies , users of the technology for sure are not same. so the most important thing for company is how to Provide a great service in all field. In particular, Education , Healthcare , Etc

As i said not only N-screen service in entertainment field . An Example for education N-screen service "Help children and students to do homeworks with their parents and if they



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