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Electronic Commerce - Mobile Computing in E-Commerce

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Essay Preview: Electronic Commerce - Mobile Computing in E-Commerce

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Explain mobile computing and technologies associated with it

Mobile computing in E-commerce is often referred as M-commerce. This plays an important and pivotal role in day-by-day activities due to its easy access and friendly user technology.

Mobile Computing Devices

Smartphones / PDA’s: These can be used as planners and electronic organizers. Information can be shared within devices through synchronization. Smartphones are a combination of PDA and traditional mobile phones and they have the capability of running multiple programs and internet can be accessed through either broadband or Wi-fi.

Computers / Laptops: The most popular and considered as mobile desktop.

Tablets: These are portable computers functionally and can be carried anywhere easily still able to work on them as computers.

E-books: Devices such as Kindle and Nook comes under this category. These can be carried around as a replacement for books.

Functions of mobile commuting:

  1. User mobility and user friendly
  2. Increased Business: Business can be expanded by attracting customers through mobile commuting
  3. Flexibility: Through mobile commuting, work can be done from anywhere and everywhere.
  4. Increased productivity: Due to the ease in accessibility, work can be performed at any time, thus increasing productivity.
  5. Saves time
  6. Entertainment: Since video and audio recordings can be streamed at any time, one can watch and listen to news, movies, and documentaries, thus providing a lot of entertainment.


Activities performed by mobile computing are online shopping, online banking, education and social networking. These mobile computing is vigorously used in various areas such as education and research, healthcare sector, airlines and railway industries, insurance and financial planning, hospitality industry and many more. To operate best with mobile computing, internet can be accessed anywhere through broad band or i-fi available as hotspots in cyber cafes or 3G.


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