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Introduction to Hospitality Marketing and Sales

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Essay Preview: Introduction to Hospitality Marketing and Sales

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Important of Sales and Marketing team to a Hotel

High competition among the hotels, need the competent team of Sales and Marketing to promote the product among the competitors.

Main Responsibilities

- Responsible for building the image of the organization among the customers

- Responsible for putting up a effective sales and marketing plan

- Responsible for carrying out market research product development campaign etc.

- Responsible for finding new segment in market

- Responsible for bringing business and helping out finance department to achieve the set




Director Sales & Marketing

Sales Manger Marketing Manager

Assistant Sales Manager Assistant Marketing Manager

Sales Executives Marketing executives

What's Marketing?

Marketing is the study and management of the exchange process. It involves the things that the property will do to select a target market and stimulate or alter that market demand for the property services. It consist with research, action , strategies advertising, publicity, & sales and promotion.

What's Sales?

Sales consists of direct efforts to sell the property by personal sales, calls, telecommunication & mailings


The term Marketing mix is used to indicate the variable factors which can satisfy specific consumer needs. It is mix of 4ps' such as product, price, promotion, and place

Management's Role in Marketing & Sales

Role of Director Marketing

- Responsible for carrying out a marketing plan through out the year

- Conducting sales promotion plan with the help of Director sales

- Responsible for identifying new segmentation of the market

- Responsible for identifying new opportunities

- Responsible for redirecting& modifying strategies that are not working well

- Other managerial function

Role of Director Sales

- Responsible for applying marketing strategies and directing the sales staff

- Responsible for putting up sales plan through out the year

- Responsible for Guiding the sales team accordingly

- Responsible for identifying new opportunities

The Challenge of Hospitality Marketing and Sales

Hospitality sales differ greatly from consumer goods sales in that the hospitality sales person is selling something that has both tangible and intangible products.

- Intangibility

- Perishability

- Inconsistency

- Inseparability

Trends shaping the future of Hospitality Marketing & Sales

Identify new trends & act immediately

- Globalization

Expanding the business globally to attract different customer segments around the world

Ex: International reservation / Central reservation

Developing marketing strategies for specific countries and regions

- Consolidation

It can be merge, acquisition, or making joint ventures among two or more


- Partnership Marketing

Involving two or more partners and serving similar markets with noncompetitive

Products. It gives the benefit from each other's strengths

- Niche Marketing & branding

Designing, building and marketing hospitality products for specific market


- Technology

Providing more efficiency service via technology, more properties have web

Sites and guest are also being reached on line booking facilities.

- Environmental awareness

Costumers are more concern about the environmental issues

Ex: Eco Tourism

- Guest preference

Giving a prominent place for guest whishes

- Relationship marketing




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