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Introduction to International Labor Memo

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In the following memo, in the interest of International labor will further explain in helping future endeavors for the company to pursue new areas of interest in developed areas.

International business affects many labor forces worldwide. To begin, the quantity of potential employees with the skills needed to complete the necessary tasks for the company will need to be recognized. If there are more available prospects with the right qualifications, then a competition for the position may assist in getting the precise person for the job. As well as a lack of available qualified personnel can cause a company to lower standards to fill positions needed. This can change the quality of the employee if there is a shortage. However, if there is an abundance of qualified individuals, the company has a better opportunity to acquire the best within the group (Ball, et al., 2006).

The economy can have a rigid determination on an employment seeker. When an area in which employment is low, labor mobility creates a larger range for employees as well as employers to search to fill positions. With this opportunity to venture externally from the local areas and into international territories, this creates an enhanced living experience for the employees qualified for the positions they seek.

When entering other countries, one aspect that is needs to ensure safety as well as security are the laws and regulations each country has. For immigrants to enter the United States for work there are many restrictions enforced to prevent illegal entry. This also opens the labor market to allow different minorities to work at different establishments. Cultures have a vast influence on how businesses run, whether in the United States, or in other countries. Adapting an employee's skills and accomplishments to what the business desires shows diversity and adequacy.

Labor unions can have a tremendous force in the working districts. With a collage of members enforcing contracts and polling together to acquire better wages, benefits, and jobs. The union is a very powerful society. In areas in which unions dominate, choosing to bring a new business to that area will need to weigh the options of quality of workmanship, quantity of qualified employees, and the possibility a higher pay scale. If a company chooses a union area, and does not choose to pay scale wage, the union will protest and force the company to either leave or pay the scale wage. Unions have fought for years to maintain the stability that they have earned; therefore planting a business in a foreign area can be affects by many attributes within the labor force.


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