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Introduction to Law and Ethics

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Introduction to Law and ethics

Law is a system of rule and guideline to protect people and ensure they do the right thing. The government use law to control the country. Laws are constantly adapting evolving; they have changed to become more productive. Today, most countries have tens or hundreds of thousands of pages of law. According to Michael "Laws are enforced by the police, and they are supported by the court and prison systems. Laws are written by legislators, such as senators or congressmen." There are many types of law. Which include constitutions, statutes, common law, equity, administrative regulation and decisions, treaties, ordinances... Each of these types of law may have different levels and effect a distinct area; however, all of them have a primary purpose to protect the right things. Without laws, there is lawlessness. Historically this has led to a general breakdown in society, sometimes to the point of a near-standstill in the economy.

According to the textbook the term ethics has a variety of different meanings. One of the meanings given to it is: "the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group." A second meaning of ethics according to the textbook is this: ethics is "the study of morality." (Velasques 2006,

Ethics refers to the standards that an individual or a group has about what is right and wrong or good and evil. Ethics could be common feeling and behavior a nation society accepts. The ethic of every group or country may have some different. For example, In Vietnam when you do business you can't say the bad thing about your competition. You just only talk about your product. However, in America the company could say the bad thing about their competition to make their product higher position.

In The Twenty First Century, business operates on global scale. Business person is not only doing the business in one area, but also dealing business in global country. Business law is needed to know how to apply new trends of business. Business laws are guidelines that establish appropriate behavior that has been developed over time, and are based on moral beliefs. The business people cannot go far if they are lacking ethic and knowledge of law.

If business people don't want fail, they should have a good knowledge about law of the country where are to doing business. If the business people want to be successful, they should understand the ethic and culture of the group who they are dealing with. For example, if an American company wants to expand the market in Indonesia, the company needs to know the Indonesia's law to enter the market. The company also has to know the principles of morality of Indonesia. For example, Indonesia has ninety percent population which is Muslim. The American company can't use a sexual women picture to introduce new product.

I believe the business law and



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