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Ethics, Morals and Laws

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Ethics, Morals and Laws

Law is an enactment made by the state. It is backed by physical coercion. Its breach is punishable by the courts. It represents the will of the state and realizes its purpose. Laws and morality is very comparable in nature. Laws govern the entire body, while morality is focus on individuality conduct. For example some major laws include murder, assault, sexual harassment, fraudulent activity, and drug laws. Morality regulates and con¬trols both the inner motives and the external actions. It is concerned with the whole life of man (Law and Morality or Ethics, 2013). Morals are based on a individuals social behavior and it is knowing the difference between right and wrong. An example of morals is cheating on a exam, having a martial affair, and drinking while driving. In ethics everything depends on the person's conscience and self-worth. In ethics you are not punish, but it desired from yourself respect. It involves honesty, loyalty and being kind with other individuals. For example ethics involve refraining from things that are not right such as rape, murder, fraud and stealing.

Ethics and Morality is the foundation for leadership in any organization. It relates to issues pertaining to corporate social responsibility, globalization, sustainability, and corporate governance. It is believed that ethics equates to unlawful activity in an organization, but that is not necessary true because being unethical can still be lawful. One good example is the abortion dilemma; having an abortion is ethical wrong some may say, but it is not unlawful. In a organization ethical moralities begins at the top of the leadership pyramid and then triples down. It is important for management to communicate the ethical principles with employees and not to assume that employees know what ethical behaviours to adherer to. Leaders should create a vision underlying ethical actions that should are should not be partake in. This will give employees an open line of communication with leadership.

Personal, Organizational, National and Global Influences

In leadership, there are many influences that a individual must overcome in order to sustain their ethical behaviour. There are said to have two patterns of leaders when undertaking ethical behaviour, shooting starts and golden boys/stars. Shooting starts tends to move up quickly, not given them a chance to learn from mistakes that are made. They normally move up in 1-2 years, which does not give them the time to find out the results from decisions made. Golden Boys/Girls uses charms and good looks to get ahead and set the bar low enough so he can exceed it. This type of individual reaches the top at a very young age but is unprepared for the real world (George, 2013). When this person is faced with problems he panics which can in turn lead to unethical behaviours. Leaders influence comes



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