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Iphone: Investigating Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision

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Essay Preview: Iphone: Investigating Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision

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Eastern International University                        Name: Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang

Becamex Business School                                IRN: 1132300036

Concentration: Accounting        

BUS 450 Final Year Initial Question


“Investigating Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision toward IPhone”

Initial Research Question: What are the most important factors affecting Binh Duong consumer purchase decision toward IPhone products?

Clear objective: 

The main aim of this research is to investigate factors affecting purchase intention of iPhone, which is the world famous product. Besides that, the research also gives me an opportunity to have a better understanding of how to deal and practice with research process in a specific topic.

Research scope: 

The research aim to 80 Binh Duong respondents who I have known, that they have been used IPhone, particularly Eastern International University students, Binh Duong University students, relatives and acquaintances from my social relationships. I will base on the form questionnaires and all the questions are closed ended for the purpose of collecting appropriate data.

The importance of the research:

This study would find the  key reasons why consumers purchase intention of iPhone product and could give me better explanation of why the number of Iphone users in Binh Duong is so high. The topic of the smartphone marketing through iPhone is really important to me because the research significantly contribute to my knowledge improvement about marketing sector.


  • The purchase intention represents the possibility for consumer to buy products (Dodds et al., 1991)
  • The experienced consumers can give a reason why they want to repurchase and differential among competitive brands (Min & Dee and Youn, 2008).
  • Price of product may have a positive role which can be a factor to determine the perception of high quality when referring to luxury goods (Erichson and Johansson, 1985; Lichtenstein at al., 1988).
  • The perceived value is the main determinant of payment intention (Kim et al., 2007)
  • Word of mouth intentions refer to the customer’s belief that he or she will discuss on an incident with another person who is not directly related to the service encounter (Swanson and Davis, 2003).


The data will be open to quantitative analyses regarding to the exam of how factors influence the consumers’ purchase intention iPhone. Questionnaires will be given by the Vietnamese language to the respondents to ensure the quality and clear meaning of the consumers’ answer, and then totally translate to the English in the project.


Primary data will be used to collect the data from respondents. Firstly, I will choose an investigation to make formal and potential questionnaires. After that, the questionnaires will be sent to respondents in Binh Duong who have been used IPhone via online channel such as Email and Facebook or hard copy.



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