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It Is Becoming More and More Difficult to Escape the Influence of the Media on Our Lives

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Essay Preview: It Is Becoming More and More Difficult to Escape the Influence of the Media on Our Lives

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o The first and influentially biggest difficulty is the low margin and bigger net loss in 1989. Despite the sales volume increased, Zenith saw a net loss of $17 million compared to a net loss of $11 million in 1988. Besides that, sales for continuing operations rose $408 million after 1 year. Pearlman said: "The biggest issue facing us is to find a way to survive with a 25% margin when fixed manufacturing costs and Selling, General, and Administrative expenses are much higher as a percentage of sales at Zenith's volume level."

o In 1990, in order to develop the new technology HDTV, Zenith intended to invest over $50 million in HDS-related R&D principally for displays. Because of their first overall budget difficulties, the marketing budget limited. This is the second issue because Zenith also made many kinds of marketing research to forecast the HDTV demand.

o Moreover, Zenith forced to change their marketing strategy from "pull" to "push" strategy where scarce resources were increasingly being directed to these large retailers. In 1990, with the lack of marketing budget, they also had to rebuild their brand awareness and enhance its image among consumers aged 25 - 49.

Nowadays, the media-rich society brings many advantages to people's life, changing a person feeling about the world. However, living in this society also makes our lives meet some unpredictable troubles.

There're many advantages created by multimedia environment. No doubt, a person living in media-rich society have chance get the news by the fastest way. He can approach the demand inform for a few minutes by some common devices such as telephone, personal computer, radio... Besides, people are connected with a world-wide-network even in bedtime. For instance, using a media tools, a Vietnamese student can contact with her American tutor living in an opposite time zone to ask about next week examination. In addition, the media-rich society give everyone opportunity to become a world idol by performing his/her talent on a film sharing website.



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