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Mass Media Influence Society Essay

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The primary objectives of mass media are to offer information advertisement , and entertainment . Relative to this , I will talk about the perceived and recognized influence and effect that mass media has in the society in general . Moreover , I will explore the truth to the statement that individuals are more influenced by mass media than they think

It is a fact that nowadays , people cannot live without mass media because together with the aid of technological improvements transmitting and conveying messages to the masses is becoming easier For instance , we are being showered with lots of information advertising , and other sort of materials by the various kinds of mass media , which have influence in our daily life styles

As maintained by Curran Gurevitch (2000 ) the issue of media 's influence or impact on society and its cultural context has frequently been deliberated upon from principal theorists to anybody with any kind of media relations . Personally , I believe that mass media does affect society , but by means of employing more varied and slight impact Meanwhile , a number of theorists propose that it is even an issue of society shaping the media and not the more extensive and supposed report

According to Eldridge et al (1997 , media is considered to be a main piece within society that is frequently associated with the concept of social influence . Bandura (1994 ) agrees that society acknowledges and recognizes the view or thought of being influenced as an external force ' which is the media , associating itself or linking with a personal action or point of view of the receiver

Agenda-setting function of modern mass media

According to Stuart Hall , due to the fact that some of the media produce material , which frequently is serious , impartial , and good , they are accorded a high degree of respect and authority (Kosicki , 1993 However , in practice the ethic of mass media is closely associated to that of the standardized enterprise , offering a critical support for the existing . Nevertheless , independence is not a mere cover it is fundamental to the manner by which ideology and power are mediated in our society . The public is enticed with good TV , radio , and newss into an approval and recognition of the misleading , the biased , and the status quo . Kosicki (1993 ) asserts that the media are not , consistent with this approach , crude agents of propaganda since they systematize public understanding . theless , the general interpretations they give ultimately are those , which are most favored by , and least demanding to those people with economic power

The long-term outcomes of this are important in cooperation with the ongoing awareness of ownership and control of the media , bringing about accusations of a media elite ' having a type of cultural dictatorship (Mills , 1956

Role of Mass Media in Power



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