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It Shared Services at Rr Communications Case Study

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Vamshi Krishna Budugu

IT Shared Services at RR Communications Case Study

ITS 630 – Organization Leadership and Decision Making

University of the Cumberland’s

Instructor: Prof. Lynda Marshall


RR Communications is an organization which has 4 main business divisions Internet, land line, Mobile and Cable TV services. These divisions work independently and make decisions without any involvement of the entire firm. Each line of business had their own database, sales system and every division has individual divisional CIO. Company`s VP, Vince Patton had made one enterprise IT organization to provide simplification and standardization to the company. The results are, redesigned company’s computer infrastructure, centralized the purchasing budget, created an enterprise architecture, established a standard infrastructure, and put tools, metrics, and policies in place.

According to McKee, (2011) stated “As he created enterprise architecture and established standardized infrastructure, metrics and policies in place, his next plan is to design a centralized customer service center for sharing common customer data within the organization”. According to him, a centralized system delivers services with pace and values. To sabotage this system VP, Vince Patton dismissed four divisional CIOs, for implementation.

 DIOs strongly believe that this centralized system increases bureaucracy and take away their powers. But, centralized system offers many benefits, including elimination of redundancy, delivery of value at cost effective, sharing of information, ensure quality service, consistency, reduce complexity, provides insight of management of crisis, and reallocation of excess resources (Napolitano, 2012).

A centralized system such as single customer services center delivers new competitive products, value and a faster customer service. Keeping in mind that the end goal is to execute this technique. Organization needs to address current circumstance and spotlights on each division`s expectations.

Advantages of a single customer service center for RR communications.

  1. It eliminates the duplication, minimize redundancy, and expedite credit approval or collection, delivery value for less cost.
  2. It helps reduce complexity, ensures service quality, consistency and accuracy
  3. Single CSC improves operational effectiveness, efficiency and increase flexibility
  4. More beneficial in terms of information sharing, providing insight for management analysis and decision making.
  5. It helps in maintaining the customer satisfaction rate and increase retention rate
  6. The fate of the association must hold information as a driver for business change. Impact will be incorporate all divisions and everyone should have a stake in the association’s future. This move will bring IT and the business closer for decision making needs.

Devise an implementation strategy that would guarantee the support of the divisional presidents for the shared customer service center.



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