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Its the Operation for Exports of Fruits

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Essay Preview: Its the Operation for Exports of Fruits

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Chain of Operation Process in Grape Export

Procurement of Grapes:

Procurement of Grapes will be done from Farmers of Nasik (Maharashtra). This can be done by two ways i.e. entire farm level or a part of farm. We have hired employees to go to the field where they will see the grapes quality and do the procurement according the demand. We will be adhering to the strict regulations for the quality as per suggested by APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) and European Union Regulations.

Harvesting is done in the early hours of the morning when ambient temperatures are low. Bunches of grapes are carefully placed in a single layer in crates and are kept in the shade. This process usually takes place in early morning.


Grading is one of the most important procedures to be followed in postharvest handling as it determines the quality, shelf life and price of the fruits. Bunches are graded based on the size and colour of berries and not on the shape of the bunch. Grading is done manually. While grading, the bunch should be held by the peduncle and care should be taken to avoid touching the berries/bunch by the naked palm of the hand. It involves removal of unwanted/loose grapes, watered, small grapes and grading bunches as per size and colour is undertaken. The grape bunches are graded as per AGMARK standards.


The grapes are packed in ventilated corrugated fibre boxes, pouches and punnets of boxes in 4.5/5/9 KGs. These boxes are lined with bubble sheet. Punnet packing is highly appreciated in retail stores/malls.

Fine paper shred or fine hay is spread at the bottom and top of the box for cushioning. For export before placing the grapes in the carton, the bubbled polythene cushion is placed at the bottom of the carton. A white and soft polythene liner is spread over the top of the bubble sheet. These pouches are arranged in a single layer in a slanting fashion in the carton. The open flaps of the box are secured firmly by an adhesive tape before pre-cooling. After pre-cooling, dual purpose SO2 releasing pads are placed over the pouches. A few opening points are also provided in the cartons for free circulation of air. The cartons are printed with information such as name of the variety, date of packing, weight, name of the consignee and consignor, destination for domestic markets. Punnet packing is highly appreciated in retail stores/mall.

 The shelf life could be enhanced by modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) of grapes in polymeric films. Polymeric films like low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) could be used for storing the grapes in small pouches. The boxes are palletized to facilitate easy handling.


Packed boxes are transported to the Pack House in Covered vehicles (Refrigerated / Ordinary) for pre-cooling treatment.


Grapes are pre-cooled before cold storage. Pre-cooling is done to remove field heat of grapes. The grapes are transported to pre-cooling units within 4-6 hours of harvest. The temperature of harvested grapes are brought down to less than 4°C within six to eight hours in the pre-cooling chambers. In pre-cooling, temperature is maintained at 1 º C and relative humidity at 90% and above. The filled boxes without closing the polyethylene liner are placed in the pre-cooling chambers. The temperature in the pack house should be maintained at 18-20° C.



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