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Report on Organizational Structure - Aghor Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd

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Essay Preview: Report on Organizational Structure - Aghor Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd

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Objective of the report

 To understand the decision making processes through experienced professionals

 To get practical knowledge of critical thinking and decision making process

 To experience the working pattern of an organization

 To enhance our observing skills and provide us with relevant background information to come to our own conclusion about any situation

 To help us to think rationally and logically while making decisions and avoid foolish approaches

 To help us establish a relationship with outside environment which will benefit us in the future

 To share our experiences with the class

Limitations of the project

 We had limited time for preparing the report, so we could not cover a broader area

 We are fairly inexperienced in writing such reports because we have done it so few times in the past

 Because of the strikes we had to reschedule our plans several times

 Hindrances from frequent and untimely power outages

 Insecurity of the organization to provide us with detail information

Nevertheless, sufficient efforts have been put forward by us to prepare this report. The shortcomings may be commented or suggested by the readers of the report.


Aghor Saving & Credit Co-Operative LTD was established in 2048 B.S. under the Limited Company Act. It is situated in Baneshwor-34, Kathmandu. The chairman of the company is Mr. Dharma Bhakta Shrestha. It has about 9 fulltime staffs who are working around the clock to ensure that the company operates effectively and efficiently. Furthermore it has 8 collectors who are responsible for the smooth flow of funds for the organization.

The company was established to provide loans and other financial support to the general peoples of our society. It aims to invest its assets in productive sectors which will not only benefit the company and its customers but the country as well. It also helps provide financial benefits to those who have low level of income and provides loans to those who are in short of funds to establish their own business.

This saving & co-operative company has different schemes to its customers, which are listed below:

1. Periodic Saving Scheme

2. Old Saving A/C

3. Piggy Bank Saving A/C

4. Education Saving A/C

5. Loan Investment

In this company the transactions are handled in a daily routine by their head managers and trusted staff so the customers feel that their investments are safe and in good hands. The company provides its customers a friendly and cooperative environment so that they feel they are right home and provide easy and user friendly services. They make sure that their customers don't miss out on any financial opportunities which can uplift their financial status.

Problems faced by the company and their approaches to solve it

Aghor Saving and Credit Co-operative runs under the centralized authority. They have not got any functional departments as the organization is small. The following are the problems faced by the organization in the past and present, and decisions made by Aghor Cooperative as the solution of the problems:

1. Financial Crisis:

During the starting phase Aghor has got the problem of financial crisis. This is most common problem which most of the co-operatives faces as Chairman of Aghor Mr. D.B. Shrestha



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