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Ivan Milat Backpack Killer

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Essay Preview: Ivan Milat Backpack Killer

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Ivan Milat Backpack killer

  • Ivan Milat born in 1945 know as the “Back Packer killer” killed 7 people during the 1990s picking up the backpackers and later killing and sometimes raping them. It is believed that Milat may have more victims and that he may have had 1 or more people helping him


  • 1971 Milat served prison time for the abduction of 2 girls and rape of one although charges were later dropped
  • 25th January 1990 a man know only as bill picked up and attempted to abduct a man named Paul onions by pulling a gun on him how ever onions escaped and reported the assault to police
  • Feb 1994 a women rang the police and sated she was picked up by a man in January 1990 who produced a gun and when she ran he fired shots at her
  • 13th April 1994 Detective Gordon found a note regarding a call made by onions to the hotline about the case
  • 5th May 1994 onions identifies Milat as the man who picked him up and assaulted him
  • 22nd may 1994 Milat is arrested in his home at eagle vale
  • 30th may Milat is charged with murder of 7 back packers then 3 days later charged with robbery and weapons charges
  • Feb 1995 Milat was remanded in custody until June
  • March 1996 Milat trial begins lasting 15 weeks
  • July 27th 1996 Milat was found guilty of all murders receiving a life sentence without parole for all of them he was also convicted of attempted murder, robbery and false imprisonment of Paul onions

Names of people involved

Defendant: Ivan Milat

Victims: Caroline Clarke, Joanne Walters, Simone Schmidl, Anja Habschied, Gabor Neugebauer, James Gibson and Deborah Everist

Witnesses: Paul onions, unidentified women

Judge: J Johnson

Defendant lawyer:

Prosecutor: Mark Tedeschi

Crimes defendant was charged with

Ivan Milat was charged with seven counts of murder and one count of false imprisonment one count of robbery and one count of attempted murder


Ivan Milat was 1945 and has previously been charged with crimes that include kidnapping and raping two girls but the charges were later dropped


The evidence presented in court was various pieces of camping equipment belonging to the victims and guns that match the guns used in the crimes found at Milat house and also other family members, the defendant said that the evidence was planted and had never seen it before

Victims Statements

The only victim with a statement was Paul onion and his statement was read by Mark Tedeschi and stated how Milat picked him up and attempted to tie him up by threatening him with a gun

Findings of the case



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