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Jack Fogel Case

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Essay Preview: Jack Fogel Case

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Jack Fogel

Medisys Corporation is a manufacturer that operates in the healthcare industry. Since 2006, they've been working on the induction of IntensCare, a new system for intensive care units in hospitals. Even if the business has had really good responses from the targeted market in the past, this time we can't be as confident. The reason for this is that two well-known public competitors declared they were coming in our target market with products similar to IntensCare.

As a response to this threat, Art Beaumont was hired as the new president. In 2008, he created a new system for product development in which individual from different sectors are now working together to develop the product from conceptual stage to final production.

My name is Jack Fogel, I am senior production manager and was assign the task of team leader for that project. Beaumont needed someone with cross-functional expertise, a performance history, and someone who gained respect from his colleagues. As an employee since 1992, I have already proven my abilities to succeed; like when I led the renal monitoring system launch.

My main interest is to not worsen any of the team members' situations. For instance, I permitted Dipesh to outsource the software design and development to India even when the outcomes of such outsourcing were uncertain. This same interest was also expressed when I agreed with Bret to solve the dilemma regarding the product before Valerie Merz was informed given the fact that were both aware of the kind of response she would have; she would panic and be awfully irritated.

My role is mostly task-oriented. I am still responsible for the production sector in addition to my new responsibilities; I am now in charge of the final assembly for IntensCare Product. To accomplish my task, I have to manage every steps of the product development, make sure everything is coordinated and that communication is fluent within the team members. Given the fact that everyone reports to me, I work as the information provider for my team.

With my position as the leader, I have obtained legitimate power. I am in charge and I hold the final say in matters regarding the project, therefore my teammates need my contentment for a variety of decisions. I also acquired referent power from the connection I've build up with many coworkers like Bret O'Brien and Dipesh Mukerjee. In addition to these two, I've gained respect throughout this corporation because I am highly involve in the project, I am constantly holding team meetings as well as one-on-ones to ensure that the project is building up promptly and make everything possible to allow us to launch on schedule.

Since I am in charge of every phases of the product progress, and due to the excellent relationship I have develop with coworkers; I have access to more information faster than others. For example, when the letter



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