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Jacks Ethical Dilemma

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Essay Preview: Jacks Ethical Dilemma

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What ethical dilemmas Jack face in the movie 16 Blocks. Jack faces two ethical dilemmas in this movie. The first one is when he went to the liquor store to get booze while he left the man he was suppose to get to the court by 10am to testify. While he is in the liquor store someone approaches the car intending on killing Eddy. Jack shoots the man in the back. The second dilemma is when he goes into a bar with Eddy to drink. Frank - his ex-partner and some other police officers show up at the bar after Jack had called in that he was on the run with Eddy. Frank offers to take Eddy off his hands and get him to the courthouse. Jack realizes that something is amiss when he sees Eddy's face when seeing one of the other police officers with Frank. When he refuses, Frank tells Jack that if Eddy testifies alot of police officers will get into trouble and that they need to get rid of Eddy. Jack shoots one of the police officers in the leg who had a gun on Eddy getting ready to kill him. Jack and Eddy escape but are now being chased by Frank and the other police officers. Jack has to get Eddy to the courthouse by 10am. Jack and Eddy jump on a bus while they are being pursued by Frank and his friends. Jack tells the bus driver to keep driving and Frank shoots out one of the tires on the bus. They are now in the bus with 30 passengers. Jack has the windows taped up with newspapers by the passengers. The swat team shows up and Jack knows that it will not end on a good note. He has one of the passengers give Eddy his suit and releases the passengers and tells Eddy to make it right. Frank and his team do not realize that Eddy has gotten off the bus amongst the other passengers until they speak with one of the passengers who tells him that Eddy had put on his suit. Frank knows that he can not let Eddy get to the courthouse by 10am and sends the other guys to look for him. Jack finds a tape recorder on the bus and starts recording that this will his last will and testament. Next thing that happens is Eddy appears shouting don't shoot (he knew that the swat team would go on the bus and shoot Jack. Frank had already told one of the swat teams remember he shot one of your own. Eddy gets on the bus with Jack. Jack tells him he is going to be the death of him



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