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The Ethical Dilemmas of a Paralegal

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Essay Preview: The Ethical Dilemmas of a Paralegal

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Ethical Dilemmas of a Paralegal

Diana Manion

Everest University Online

Ethical Dilemmas of a Paralegal

It is easy for one to think that becoming a paralegal is an easy job. In fact it is quite challenging. There are many dilemmas that a paralegal must encounter every day, and ethical dilemmas are of the up most importance in this type of career. The first and most important step in becoming a paralegal is to be aware of how to prevent ethical dilemmas. The second most important step in becoming a paralegal is to completely understand the ethical guidelines of a paralegal by comprehending the National Federation of Paralegal Association's Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities and Guidelines for Enforcement. Client confidentiality is another important ethical dilemma that a paralegal will face on a day to day basis. Once a paralegal has acknowledged these obstacles, it will make their career a lot easier to maintain.

There are many ways a paralegal can prevent ethical dilemmas from happening. The first step would be to have a plan of action. Stacy Hunt, freelance paralegal states that "Ethics instructors tell paralegal students that it is only a matter of time before they will be faced with an ethical dilemma at work. Paralegals should think ahead and have a plan ready in case this situation arises. The area ripest for ethical pitfalls involves the production of documentary evidence in a lawsuit. The sheer number of pieces of paper in large-scale litigation increases the odds that privileged records might fall into the wrong hands. Procedures must be in place in every firm to help reduce accidental disclosures. Other areas of concern include site inspections and contact with parties" (Hunt, 2004, p.86).



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