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James Woods Biography

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Genius Biography - James Woods

Abby Budorick

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James Howard Woods was born on April 18, 1947. He is famous for being an American stage, television, and film actor. He has won three Emmy Awards and has been nominated for Academy Awards twice. What he is less known for is being a genius. James Woods has an IQ of 180.

James Woods was born in Vernal, Utah, but grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island. His father, Gail Woods, was an army intelligence officer who died after routine surgery in 1960. His mom, Martha Smith, worked at a pre-school. She later married Thomas Dixon. Woods went to MIT where he majored in political science, even though he originally planned on becoming a surgeon. During college, he was an active member of the student theatre group "Dramashop" where he directed and acted in numerous plays.

In 1969, James Woods dropped out of MIT before he graduated to pursue a career in acting. Woods said that he became an actor because of Tim Affleck, the father of Ben Affleck. Woods was a student at the Theatre Company of Boston while Tim Affleck was a stage manager there.

Woods made his Broadway debut in 1970 at the Lyceum Theatre in the first US production of Borstal Boy. The next year he returned to Broadway in The Trial of the Catsonville Nine. In 1971 he was in the premier of Moonchildren in D.C. which was later moved to Broadway and Woods won a Theatre World Award. In 1973 he was in Finishing Touches.

Woods is a bold Hollywood character actor (an actor that specifies in certain kinds of characters) who is known for his dark, villainous character. In 1987 he was nominated for the Academy Award Best Actor in Salvador. In 1996 he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Ghosts of Mississippi. His favorite role is Max, the dominant gangster in Once Upon a Time in America. He was also the voice of Hades in Hercules, and his voice was also used in Surf's Up, Stuart Little 2, Recess: School's Out, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

In August of 2001, James Woods was on a plane from Boston to Los Angeles and he noticed two men who never ate, drank, slept, or read during the flight, instead the whole time they just whispered to each other quietly. He told the flight attendant that he thought they were acting very suspiciously. He later filed a report with the FAA about the incident. The two men have been believed to be two of the 9/11 hijackers. James Woods has been interviewed several times by FBI agents about the subject.

Woods plays on the World Poker Tour in the Hollywood Home games, an event for the American Stroke Association charity. In 2006, Woods played at the L.A. Poker Classic for $40,000 and he finished in 24th place out of 692. He has also shared an endorsement for Hollywood Poker, the online poker website, which



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