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Jane Goodall

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Have you ever heard of Jane Goodall? That's probably a no , mainly because in Today's

Well Known People , you'd have to do something big. Well , Jane Goodall has yet to cross my mind ,

until my Biology class required that you know her. Jane Goodall , born in London, England on April 3,

1934 to the proud parents Vanne and Mortimer Goodall . Four years later , she was there to welcome

her new baby sister Judy Goodall . Judy and Jane share the same birthday , they were taught prayers

and were welcomed to go to school at the Christian Church when they chose to. Their family input values

such as courage, honesty, compassion and a tolerance for other people.As a young girl she spent her time

in England studying creatures and reading books over Zoology , dreaming of hopefully going to Africa one

day. Around 1957 her dream was fantasy was coming true , she was going to Kenya , Africa with a close friend.

Short period after their arrival she met Dr.Louis Leakey , which chose her to conduct a long-term study over

chimpanzees in Tasmania's Gombe National Park. Even though Jane had no academic credentials , Dr.Leakey

stilll believed that she was capable , due to her patience and her independence , persistence to understand

the animals. She had a little bit of formal training . Having that this last for about ten years , people didnt see her

lasting for three weeks, but in their suprise she lasted ten years .



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