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A Compare and Contrast Essay: Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre

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Essay Preview: A Compare and Contrast Essay: Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre

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A Compare and Contrast Essay: Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre

It is quite apparent that oppression by poverty affects people differently. Poverty not only affects individuals but also takes a toll on the society that besieges them; this leads to class distinction. Poverty is the dominant theme in both Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, and it has proven to have the ability to lead an individual towards failure or on the other hand, make them stronger. In the novel Oliver Twist, the main character Oliver and Jane from the novel Jane Eyre, are two individuals whom in a similar way manage to suppress poverty and successes in life. While Claypole from Oliver Twist is a character that exhibits how poverty can lead to a character's fall.

In the Victorian era, it was difficult for the children to flee the poverty that strangled their livelihood. In Oliver Twist, Oliver is unfortunately given a life as an orphan in the workhouse. The workhouses are the birth places of criminals, murderers and delinquents. In spite of Oliver's lack of luxury, he is able to overcome the obstacles. Of temptation and poverty: Oliver opposes the general belief that poor children will descend into the world of crime. Instead, he is able to positively secure a satisfied life: Oliver uses his deprived lifestyle as an advantage to his intentional plan in attaining happiness. Contrasting the common belief in the Victorian era, Oliver was not discouraged by poverty and deficiency had a positive impact in making him fight for what he wanted to reach. In the same way, Jane Eyre was also a character that was not brought down due to the effects of poverty. Jane had a good heart and is educated despite being poor. However, due to her lack of wealth, she doubted herself, whereas Oliver Twist did not: Also, unlike Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre daydreams about death because her faith in herself weakened. With weak faith, she is slowly deteriorating until she found herself once again with the help of Rochester, her boss: Rochester believes in Jane and together with his support, Jane finds herself again and a new purpose for life. In spite of their struggle, both characters were able to attain a bright future for themselves. At the end of the novel, Oliver goes to live with Mr. Brownlow and goes to school, and Jane Eyre marries her love, Rochester and lives a blissful live: In contrast to Oliver and Jane, Claypole, a character from Oliver Twist, exemplify the disillusion and failure of an individual due to poverty. Claypole trails off into harassment and drinking when he finds himself overwhelmed by poverty: He does not try to improve his condition instead he creates more harm for himself by bullying Oliver and constantly being drunk. He displays how poverty can lead to the failure of individuals. Oliver on the other hand does not fall into the underworld of criminals; Claypole has allowed himself to plummet



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