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Jesus and Muhammad

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The religion of Christianity was founded by Jesus. The religion of Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad. These two religions are the largest in the world ranging from 1.1 to 1.8 billion followers. These men have had a powerful way of affecting humanity with their beliefs. With them being religious leaders they have shared their teachings and principles to live by.

There has been many times where scholars have confused Jesus and Muhammad to be one in the same. However, majority of us know more about Jesus Christ and how he lived and died for us. Jesus was born the Son of God in the 4th year before the Common Era. His parents are the Virgin Mary and Joseph, who had to stay in a stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The night that he was born shepherds and wise men came to pay their respects to the parents and saw Jesus as the Savior. At the age of twelve Jesus and his parents traveled to Jerusalem for the religious belief of Passover. His parents found him amongst some Rabbis in a temple discussing the Torah. The knowledge he possess was well over the average child of his age. He sought out his claims that he had a close connection with God and this came to be known later in life. He was the age of 30 when he was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. The day he received his baptism God called out from the heavens and said "This is my beloved son", this signified that Jesus was actually the Messiah.

Jesus was given twelve disciples of his choosing to go with him on his travels. During his travels he taught the masses about God through parables and sermons. He also performed miracles to the sick and dying. He made many believers out of people who witnessed the outcome of his miracles. He used his gift for the good of the people and found suit to aid those who were the under privileged. One thing that he achieved that was very symbolic to the people was the ability to turn a few loaves of bread into enough food for a large amount of hungry people. Although he had many followers from all different types of classes the Son of God encourages females to become disciples. The most noted female disciple to be Mary Magdalene. Jesus' primary concern was to teach, to love God, and too love others. Many of these teachings were based off the idea that God is forgiving to those who repent their sins. Throughout his travels there was only one place where the ruler of the country felt threatened by him. This was during his travels to Galilee. This was where Jesus stayed outside of Galilee and performed his teachings and miracles to those who would accept him. However, Jesus had one disciple who turned his back and went to the authorities of Galilee and turned Jesus in for mere silver pieces. Jesus was later arrested and sent to the Pilate. However, when Pilate realized they could not calm the people of Jerusalem down nor had the means of doing so. It forced them to turn Jesus over to the military guard who beat, torture, and crucified him.

Moments before Jesus was placed on the cross to die for us he cried out; "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me". Amongst all the chaos that was going on Jesus' disciples went into hiding for they were terrified something was going too happened to them as well. Even though they knew that Christ would walk amongst them again. Jesus arose from his grave three days later; many of his disciples say that they had been visited by Jesus who explained to them about his resurrection. The followers who fell witness to Jesus' resurrection and helped create Christianity which over powered the Roman Empire. Many of the followers and the non-believers saw Jesus as God in human form. The biggest non-believer that changed their mind on the beliefs of Jesus is named Saul; he was the persecutor of Christians. Saul explained that he was visited by Jesus and was instructed to "open their eyes that they may turn form darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God. That they may receive forgiveness for their



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